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  Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell

   Lagrimas Mexicanas

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Lagrimas Mexicanas

Undoubtedly, Bill Frisell and Vinicius Cantuaria's new album, Lagrimas Mexicanas, epitomizes a union of extraordinary musicians. Frisell's and Cantuaria's own music have clearly distinctive origins, but with complimentary styles. Through the blending of ultra-cool rhythms and harmonies, and the melding of classical and experimental sounds, the two artists have found an easy home with one another.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: January 25, 2011   on eOne Music

TAGS: Jazz | Latin | World


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1. Mi Declaracion
2. Calle 7
3. La Curva
4. Lagrimas Mexicanas
5. Lagrimas De Amor
6. Cafezinho
7. El Camino
8. Aquela Mulher
9. Briga De Namorados
10. Forinfas