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   Listen To This (CD/DVD)

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Listen To This (CD/DVD)

Texas has been known to breed some of the loudest and hard-rocking' bands on the planet and this gang of five is definitely no exception. Straight out of the saloons and strip clubs comes Anchored, a hard-edged rock unit that packs as much pop as their punch with their infectious brand of 'Texas Rock.' They cross the tainted lines between Shinedown, Nickelback and Stone Temple Pilots.

The album is a CD/DVD combo with a full length DVD bonus disc. The CD/DVD combo includes a full length 90 minute concert shot in Spokane, Washington to a sold out crowd at the Knitting Factory. The bonus DVD features 5.1 surround sound, and includes music videos for 'Dirty In Texas' and 'Last Night,' and an all access tour documentary.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: January 24, 2012   on Trynd / EMI


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1. Dirty In Texas
2. Saviour
3. We Had Everything
4. By Your Side
5. Last Night
6. Bad Timing
7. Save Me
8. All That
9. You
10. Ms. Stress
11. My World
1. Intro (Live)
2. Savior (Live)
3. Ms. Stress (Live)
4. All That (Live)
5. Save Me (Live)
6. Last Night (Live)
7. You (Live)
8. By Your Side (Live)
9. We Had Everything (Live)
10. My World (Live)
11. Bad Timing (Live)
12. Dirty In Texas (Bonus Track)
1. Full Length All Access Tour Documentary
2. Last Night (music video)
3. Dirty In Texas (music video)
4. The making of the 'Last Night' music video