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   The Unfazed

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The Unfazed

'A breakup album done right. What could have been an easy-listening folk record about breakin' up & movin' on goes beyond just sadness.' - Venus Magazine

'Dolorean's strength as musicians paired with their ability to captivate through lyricism and authenticity makes the album's title no mistake. Nothing's going to stop Al James and company.' - Performer Magazine

'The latest from Portland, Oregon's Dolorean is a rivetingly bold album. Steeped in poetic introspection and brilliant, heart-wrenching tunes' -

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: January 18, 2011   on Partisan


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1. Thinskinned
2. Country Clutter
3. The Unfazed
4. Hard Working Dogs
5. Fools Gold Ring
6. Sweet Boy
7. Black Hills Gold
8. If I Find Love
9. These Slopes Gave Me Hope
10. How Is It