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  The Aquabats

   Hi-Five Soup!

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Hi-Five Soup!

The Aquabats celebrate an impressive 16 year career with the release of their latest opus, Hi-Five Soup!. Recorded with producer Cameron Webb (30 Seconds To Mars, Motorhead), the album includes guest vocals from hip hop legend Biz Markie, and is a collection of inspired songs that continue The Aquabats' tradition of creating fun, new wave-influenced tracks that are soon to become staples on the stereos of both Aquacadets and new fans.

Singer Christian Jacobs is also the co-creator of award-winning hit children's TV series Yo Gabba Gabba!, which has featured songs by The Aquabats. Already darlings of the press, Yo Gabba Gabba! / The Aquabats have gained features in Entertainment Weekly, New York Times, People, Billboard, and USA Today.

The Aquabats are currently on tour with Reel Big Fish.

ARTIST SITE   |   RELEASED: January 18, 2011   on Fearless


Listen Now!


1. The Shark Fighter!
2. B.F.F.!
3. The Legend Is True!
4. Radio Down! (Featuring Biz Markie)
5. Poppin' A Wheelie!
6. Hey Homies!
7. In My Dreams
8. Just Can't Lose!
9. All My Money!
10. Pink Pants! (Featuring Strong Bad)
11. Food Fight On The Moon!
12. Luck Dragon Lady!