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New Albums & Songs For September 27, 2011

Monument Of Metal by Anvil


Monument Of Metal

Play & Info Play Monument Of Metal Information about Monument Of Metal

The End

Sweetheart Of The Sun by The Bangles

The Bangles

Sweetheart Of The Sun

Play & Info Play Sweetheart Of The Sun Information about Sweetheart Of The Sun

Model Music Group

Hits From Yesterday & The Day Before by Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies

Hits From Yesterday
& The Day Before

Play & Info Play Hits From Yesterday & The Day Before Information about Hits From Yesterday & The Day Before

Warner Bros / Rhino

American Story by Bearfoot


American Story

Play & Info Play American Story Information about American Story


Don't Explain by Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

Beth Hart &
Joe Bonamassa

Don't Explain

Play & Info Play Don't Explain Information about Don't Explain

J&R Adventures

Altair & Vega by Bob James & Keiko Matsui

Bob James &
Keiko Matsui

Altair & Vega

Play & Info Play Altair & Vega Information about Altair & Vega

eOne Music

End Time by Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth

End Time

Play & Info Play End Time Information about End Time


Wild Blessed Freedom by Carolina Liar

Carolina Liar

Wild Blessed Freedom

Play & Info Play Wild Blessed Freedom Information about Wild Blessed Freedom

Maratone AB

Peace Meal by Carolyn Wonderland

Carolyn Wonderland

Peace Meal

Play & Info Play Peace Meal Information about Peace Meal


Chickenfoot III by Chickenfoot


Chickenfoot III

Play & Info Play Chickenfoot III Information about Chickenfoot III

eOne Music

The Good Feeling by Christian McBride Big Band

Christian McBride
Big Band

The Good Feeling

Play & Info Play The Good Feeling Information about The Good Feeling

Mack Avenue

Little Nut Tree by Dan Zanes & Friends

Dan Zanes & Friends

Little Nut Tree

Play & Info Play Little Nut Tree Information about Little Nut Tree

Festival Five

Oceana by Derek Sherinian

Derek Sherinian


Play & Info Play Oceana Information about Oceana

Music Theories

Sweet Carrion by Each Of The Days

Each Of The Days

Sweet Carrion

Play & Info Play Sweet Carrion Information about Sweet Carrion


Return To Santa Monica by Everclear


Return To Santa Monica

Play & Info Play Return To Santa Monica Information about Return To Santa Monica


Where Distant Spirits Remain by Falloch


Where Distant Spirits Remain

Play & Info Play Where Distant Spirits Remain Information about Where Distant Spirits Remain


Gaslight by fDeluxe



Play & Info Play Gaslight Information about Gaslight


Will The Guns Come Out by Hanni El Khatib

Hanni El Khatib

Will The Guns Come Out

Play & Info Play Will The Guns Come Out Information about Will The Guns Come Out

Innovative Leisure

Sugar Rush by The Humans

The Humans

Sugar Rush

Play & Info Play Sugar Rush Information about Sugar Rush

The End

Raw Power Live: In The Hands of The Fans (DVD) by Iggy & The Stooges

Iggy & The Stooges

Raw Power Live: In The Hands of The Fans (DVD)

Play & Info Play Raw Power Live: In The Hands of The Fans (DVD) Information about Raw Power Live: In The Hands of The Fans (DVD)

MVD Visual

Hands Of Time by The Janks

The Janks

Hands Of Time

Play & Info Play Hands Of Time Information about Hands Of Time


Shadow And Light by John Doyle

John Doyle

Shadow And Light

Play & Info Play Shadow And Light Information about Shadow And Light


Roots by Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter


Play & Info Play Roots Information about Roots


Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations by Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations

Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations

Josh Rouse And The...

Play & Info Play Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations Information about Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations

Bedroom Classics

Velociraptor! by Kasabian



Play & Info Play Velociraptor! Information about Velociraptor!


Lady & Gentlemen by LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes

Lady & Gentlemen

Play & Info Play Lady & Gentlemen Information about Lady & Gentlemen


Become by Man Made Machine

Man Made Machine


Play & Info Play Become Information about Become

Razor & Tie

These Ghosts Have Bones by Miles Zuniga

Miles Zuniga

These Ghosts Have Bones

Play & Info Play These Ghosts Have Bones Information about These Ghosts Have Bones

33 1/3

Candygram For Mowo! by Mocean Worker

Mocean Worker

Candygram For Mowo!

Play & Info Play Candygram For Mowo! Information about Candygram For Mowo!

MOWO! Inc.

Season 1 (DVD) by The Monkees

The Monkees

Season 1 (DVD)

Play & Info Play Season 1 (DVD) Information about Season 1 (DVD)

Eagle Rock

Season 2 (DVD) by The Monkees

The Monkees

Season 2 (DVD)

Play & Info Play Season 2 (DVD) Information about Season 2 (DVD)

Eagle Rock

Insidious by Nightrage



Play & Info Play Insidious Information about Insidious


Nevermind (Deluxe Edition) by Nirvana


(Deluxe Edition)

Play & Info Play Nevermind (Deluxe Edition) Information about Nevermind (Deluxe Edition)


Metal Meets by Ohbijou


Metal Meets

Play & Info Play Metal Meets Information about Metal Meets

Last Gang

Rest by Rwake



Play & Info Play Rest Information about Rest


In The Moonlight by Sophie Milman

Sophie Milman

In The Moonlight

Play & Info Play In The Moonlight Information about In The Moonlight

eOne Music

Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is A Fucking Liar by Spank Rock

Spank Rock

Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is A F-ing Liar

Play & Info Play Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is A Fucking Liar Information about Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is A Fucking Liar

Bad Blood

Friends by Stanley Jordan

Stanley Jordan


Play & Info Play Friends Information about Friends

Mack Avenue

MTO Plays SLY by Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra

Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory...


Play & Info Play MTO Plays SLY Information about MTO Plays SLY

The Royal Potato Family

Sting: 25 Years (3CD / 1DVD Box Set) by Sting


Sting: 25 Years
(3CD / 1DVD Box Set)

Play & Info Play Sting: 25 Years (3CD / 1DVD Box Set) Information about Sting: 25 Years (3CD / 1DVD Box Set)

A&M / UMe / Cherry Tree

New Tricks by Stu Pollard

Stu Pollard

New Tricks

Play & Info Play New Tricks Information about New Tricks

Lunacy Unlimited

In Heaven by Twin Sister

Twin Sister

In Heaven

Play & Info Play In Heaven Information about In Heaven


Diamonds And Death by VHS or Beta

VHS or Beta

Diamonds And Death

Play & Info Play Diamonds And Death Information about Diamonds And Death

Krian Music Group/ Chromosome

Weekend Excursion (Digital Only) by Weekend Excursion

Weekend Excursion

Weekend Excursion (Digital Only)

Play & Info Play Weekend Excursion (Digital Only) Information about Weekend Excursion (Digital Only)

Lucas Gambit

Black Robes And Lawyers by William Michael Dillon

William Michael Dillon

Black Robes & Lawyers

Play & Info Play Black Robes And Lawyers Information about Black Robes And Lawyers

Flying Free Productions

Abbey Dub by Yellow Dubmarine

Yellow Dubmarine

Abbey Dub

Play & Info Play Abbey Dub Information about Abbey Dub

Gold Lion

  Also Out September 27, 2011
   Andrae Crouch / The Journey
   Bill Frisell / All We Are Saying...
   Blink 182 / Neighborhoods
   Daryl Hall / Laughing Down Crying
   J Cole / Cole World: The Sideline Story
   The Knux / Eraser
   Machine Head / Unto The Locust
   Mastodon / The Hunter
   Pink Floyd / Dark Side Of The Moon (Reissue)
   Steven Wilson / Grace For Drowning
   Switchfoot / Vice Verses
   Wilco / Whole Love
  Coming October 4, 2011
   Dwight Twilley
   George Benson
   The Hollies
   Paul McCartney
   Relient K
   Styles P
   The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams

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