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New Albums & Songs For September 11, 2012

Bright Black Heaven by Blaqk Audio

Blaqk Audio

Bright Black Heaven

Play & Info Play Bright Black Heaven Information about Bright Black Heaven


The Magic Door by Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Chris Robinson Brotherhood

The Magic Door

Play & Info Play The Magic Door Information about The Magic Door

Silver Arrow

New Era by Cloudscape


New Era

Play & Info Play New Era Information about New Era


Away From The World by Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band

Away From The World

Play & Info Play Away From The World Information about Away From The World

Bama Rags / RCA

Field Report by Field Report

Field Report

Field Report

Play & Info Play Field Report Information about Field Report


International Orange! by Firewater


International Orange!

Play & Info Play International Orange! Information about International Orange!


Alive At The Vanguard by Fred Hersch Trio

Fred Hersch Trio

Alive At The Vanguard

Play & Info Play Alive At The Vanguard Information about Alive At The Vanguard


Produced By George Martin (DVD/Blu-ray) by George Martin

George Martin

Produced By George Martin (DVD/Blu-ray)

Play & Info Play Produced By George Martin (DVD/Blu-ray) Information about Produced By George Martin (DVD/Blu-ray)

Eagle Rock

The Nine by Harm


The Nine

Play & Info Play The Nine Information about The Nine

FrostByte Media

Fight Or Flight by Hoobastank


Fight Or Flight

Play & Info Play Fight Or Flight Information about Fight Or Flight

Open E Entertainment

Effigies Of Evil by Hooded Menace

Hooded Menace

Effigies Of Evil

Play & Info Play Effigies Of Evil Information about Effigies Of Evil


Delicate Cages by Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks

Delicate Cages

Play & Info Play Delicate Cages Information about Delicate Cages


New To This Town by Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks

New To This Town

Play & Info Play New To This Town Information about New To This Town

Arista Nashville

Rock & Roll Is Good For You (Demos) by The Knack

The Knack

Rock & Roll Is Good For You (Demos)

Play & Info Play Rock & Roll Is Good For You (Demos) Information about Rock & Roll Is Good For You (Demos)


TigerFace by Marco Benevento

Marco Benevento


Play & Info Play TigerFace Information about TigerFace

The Royal Potato Family

Alba by Marco Bittelli

Marco Bittelli


Play & Info Play Alba Information about Alba

Pacific Coast Jazz

Live At The Checkerboard Lounge 1981 (Vinyl/DVD) by Muddy Waters And The Rolling Stones

Muddy Waters / Stones

Live At Checkerboard (Vinyl/DVD)

Play & Info Play Live At The Checkerboard Lounge 1981 (Vinyl/DVD) Information about Live At The Checkerboard Lounge 1981 (Vinyl/DVD)

Eagle Rock

Endless Possibilities by Nicholas Cole

Nicholas Cole

Endless Possibilities

Play & Info Play Endless Possibilities Information about Endless Possibilities


Catalyst by Prototype



Play & Info Play Catalyst Information about Catalyst


Observator by The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes


Play & Info Play Observator Information about Observator


Some Girls - Live In Texas '78 (Vinyl/DVD) by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

Some Girls - Live In Texas '78 (Vinyl/DVD)

Play & Info Play Some Girls - Live In Texas '78 (Vinyl/DVD) Information about Some Girls - Live In Texas '78 (Vinyl/DVD)

Eagle Rock

Jack Of All Trades by Rush Wun

Rush Wun

Jack Of All Trades

Play & Info Play Jack Of All Trades Information about Jack Of All Trades


Serpentine Path by Serpentine Path

Serpentine Path

Serpentine Path

Play & Info Play Serpentine Path Information about Serpentine Path


Baraka: The Deluxe Edition Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Soundtrack



Play & Info Play Baraka: The Deluxe Edition Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Information about Baraka: The Deluxe Edition Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Varese Sarabande

The New Eve by Spheric Universe Experience

Spheric Universe Experience

The New Eve

Play & Info Play The New Eve Information about The New Eve


To No Avail by Surachai


To No Avail

Play & Info Play To No Avail Information about To No Avail

Handshake Inc.

Butter by Turbo Fruits

Turbo Fruits


Play & Info Play Butter Information about Butter

Serpents & Snakes/Thirty Tigers

Coexist by The xx

The xx


Play & Info Play Coexist Information about Coexist

Young Turks

  Also Out September 11, 2012
   The Avett Brothers / The Carpenter
   Bob Dylan / Tempest
   Bucky Covington / Good Guys
   Daddy Yankee / Prestige
   David Byrne & St. Vincent / Love This Giant
   DMX / Undisputed
   Jonny Greenwood / The Master Soundtrack
   Kathy Mattea / Calling Me Home
   Little Big Town / Tornado
   NOFX / Self Entitled
   Patterson Hood / Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance
   Pet Shop Boys / Elysium
   Sea Wolf / Old World Romance
   The Time Jumpers / The Time Jumpers
   Tom Tom Club / Downtown Rockers (vinyl)
   The Vaccines / The Vaccines Come Of Age
   Will Johnson / Scorpion
   ZZ Top / La Futura
  Coming September 18, 2012
   Aaron Embry / Tiny Prayers
   Antje Duvekot / New Siberia
   Bad Powers / Bad Powers
   Becoming The Archetype / I Am
   Bright Little Field / Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute To The Replacements
   Brooklyn Brothers / The Album
   Corin Tucker Band / Kill My Blues
   Devin Townsend Project / Epicloud
   Dwight Yoakam / 3 Pears
   Ensiferum / Unsung Heroes
   Fear And The Nervous System / Fear And The Nervous System
   The Glorious Unseen / Love Sick
   Grizzly Bear / Shields
   James Iha / Look To The Sky
   Legacy Of Disorder / Last Man Standing
   Marillion / Sounds That Can't Be Made
   Matthias Tanzmann / Fabric 65: Matthias Tanzmann
   Sweet Lights / Sweet Lights
   Vision Divine / Destination Set To Nowhere

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