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New Albums & Songs For August 28, 2012

Mechanical Weather by A Tragedy In Progress

A Tragedy In Progress

Mechanical Weather

Play & Info Play Mechanical Weather Information about Mechanical Weather


Summer Skin by Amy Cook

Amy Cook

Summer Skin

Play & Info Play Summer Skin Information about Summer Skin

Roothouse / Thirty Tigers

Neon Art: Volume 1 by Art Pepper

Art Pepper

Neon Art: Volume 1

Play & Info Play Neon Art: Volume 1 Information about Neon Art: Volume 1


Ah, Men! The Boys Of Broadway by Betty Buckley

Betty Buckley

Ah, Men! The Boys Of Broadway

Play & Info Play Ah, Men! The Boys Of Broadway Information about Ah, Men! The Boys Of Broadway


Camilla by Caroline Herring

Caroline Herring


Play & Info Play Camilla Information about Camilla

Signature Sounds

America by Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon


Play & Info Play America Information about America


Phoenix Rising (Reissue) by Destroyer 666

Destroyer 666

Phoenix Rising

Play & Info Play Phoenix Rising (Reissue) Information about Phoenix Rising (Reissue)

Season Of Mist

Blind Sighted Faith by The Dunwells

The Dunwells

Blind Sighted Faith

Play & Info Play Blind Sighted Faith Information about Blind Sighted Faith


Easy Star's Thrillah by Easy Star All-Stars

Easy Star All-Stars

Easy Star's Thrillah

Play & Info Play Easy Star's Thrillah Information about Easy Star's Thrillah

Easy Star

The Odessa Tapes (CD/DVD) by The Flatlanders

The Flatlanders

The Odessa Tapes (CD/DVD)

Play & Info Play The Odessa Tapes (CD/DVD) Information about The Odessa Tapes (CD/DVD)

New West

WhoCares by Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi

Ian Gillan &
Tony Iommi


Play & Info Play WhoCares Information about WhoCares

Eagle Rock / Armoury

Run With The Wolf by Jay Jesse Johnson

Jay Jesse Johnson

Run With The Wolf

Play & Info Play Run With The Wolf Information about Run With The Wolf

Blues Bureau

Dead End Kings by Katatonia


Dead End Kings

Play & Info Play Dead End Kings Information about Dead End Kings


Anomalia by Khonsu



Play & Info Play Anomalia Information about Anomalia

Season Of Mist

Bad Decisions by The Last Vegas

The Last Vegas

Bad Decisions

Play & Info Play Bad Decisions Information about Bad Decisions

FrostByte Media

The Book Of Chet by Luciana Souza

Luciana Souza

The Book Of Chet

Play & Info Play The Book Of Chet Information about The Book Of Chet


Duos III by Luciana Souza

Luciana Souza

Duos III

Play & Info Play Duos III Information about Duos III


Dope Sick by Madchild


Dope Sick

Play & Info Play Dope Sick Information about Dope Sick

Battle Axe / Suburban Noize

Change The Ending by Maia Sharp

Maia Sharp

Change The Ending

Play & Info Play Change The Ending Information about Change The Ending

Blix Street

Infinity Overhead by Minus The Bear

Minus The Bear

Infinity Overhead

Play & Info Play Infinity Overhead Information about Infinity Overhead


Dark Age by Mothlite


Dark Age

Play & Info Play Dark Age Information about Dark Age


The Orbserver In The Star House by The Orb Featuring Lee Scratch Perry

The Orb Featuring
Lee Scratch Perry

The Orbserver In The...

Play & Info Play The Orbserver In The Star House Information about The Orbserver In The Star House

The End

All The Little Lights by Passenger


All The Little Lights

Play & Info Play All The Little Lights Information about All The Little Lights


Greatest Video Hits (DVD) by Queen


Greatest Video Hits (DVD)

Play & Info Play Greatest Video Hits (DVD) Information about Greatest Video Hits (DVD)

Eagle Rock

Cruel Sunrise by Rick Holmstrom

Rick Holmstrom

Cruel Sunrise

Play & Info Play Cruel Sunrise Information about Cruel Sunrise

M.C. Records

20/20 by Saga



Play & Info Play 20/20 Information about 20/20

Eagle Rock

The Devil Made Me Do It by Scum Of The Earth

Scum Of The Earth

The Devil Made Me
Do It

Play & Info Play The Devil Made Me Do It Information about The Devil Made Me Do It


Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere (CD/DVD) by Stratovarius


Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere

Play & Info Play Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere (CD/DVD) Information about Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere (CD/DVD)

Eagle Rock / Armoury

Spreading My Wings by World Fire Brigade

World Fire Brigade

Spreading My Wings

Play & Info Play Spreading My Wings Information about Spreading My Wings

FrostByte Media

  Also Out August 28, 2012
   Alanis Morissette / Havoc And Bright Lights
   Andrew WK / I Get Wet 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
   The Beach Boys / Doin' It Again (DVD/Blu-ray)
   Beanie Sigel / This Time
   Divine Fits / A Thing Called Divine Fits
   Dwele / Greater Than One
   Poor Moon / Poor Moon
   The Rippingtons / Built To Last
   Robert Cray / Nothin But Love
   Roxy Music / The Complete Studio Recordings 1972-1982 (Box Set)
   Slaughterhouse / Welcome To Our House
   Tamia / Beautiful Surprise
   Various Artists / A&M 50th Anniversary
  Coming September 4, 2012
   Aaron Nigel Smith / Welcome To The Village
   Animal Collective / Centipede Hz
   Azure Ray / As Above So Below
   Cat Power / Sun
   David Wax Museum / Knock Knock Get Up
   Deerhoof / Breakup Song
   Marco Bittelli / ALBA
   My Darling Clementine / How Do You Plead?
   Quincy Jones & The Ray Brown Orchestra / Music From The Adventurers
   Richie Luna / Celebrate! (The People's Anthem) Digital EP
   Swallow The Sun / Emerald Forest And The Blackbird
   Tanita Tikaram / Can't Go Back
   Tarja Turnen / Act 1 (CD/DVD/Blu-ray)
   Wax Poetic / On A Ride

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