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New Albums & Songs For July 3, 2012

We Are The Others by Delain


We Are The Others

Play & Info Play We Are The Others Information about We Are The Others


Wake The Dogs by Donots


Wake The Dogs

Play & Info Play Wake The Dogs Information about Wake The Dogs


I'm Just Dead I'm Not Gone by James Luther Dickinson & North Mississippi Allstars

James Luther Dickinson & NMAS

I'm Just Dead I'm Not...

Play & Info Play I'm Just Dead I'm Not Gone Information about I'm Just Dead I'm Not Gone

Memphis International

Sending Love by Jay Semko

Jay Semko

Sending Love

Play & Info Play Sending Love Information about Sending Love

Busted Flat

Live At Bogart's by Jellyfish


Live At Bogart's

Play & Info Play Live At Bogart's Information about Live At Bogart's


Feels Like Freedom by Jimmie Van Zant

Jimmie Van Zant

Feels Like Freedom

Play & Info Play Feels Like Freedom Information about Feels Like Freedom


Pick by Keller Williams With The Travelin McCourys

Keller Williams With Travelin McCourys


Play & Info Play Pick Information about Pick

SCI Fidelity

Tragedy Has Spoken by Miseration


Tragedy Has Spoken

Play & Info Play Tragedy Has Spoken Information about Tragedy Has Spoken


At The Gates Of Sethu by Nile


At The Gates Of Sethu

Play & Info Play At The Gates Of Sethu Information about At The Gates Of Sethu

Nuclear Blast America

H.N.I.C. 3 by Prodigy Of Mobb Deep

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep

H.N.I.C. 3

Play & Info Play H.N.I.C. 3 Information about H.N.I.C. 3


One Wrong Turn by Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

One Wrong Turn

Play & Info Play One Wrong Turn Information about One Wrong Turn


Unwanted (Single) by The Strange Familiar

The Strange Familiar

Unwanted (Single)

Play & Info Play Unwanted (Single) Information about Unwanted (Single)

Krian Music Group

Childhood's End by Ulver


Childhood's End

Play & Info Play Childhood's End Information about Childhood's End


Captors by Wolves At The Gate

Wolves At The Gate


Play & Info Play Captors Information about Captors

Solid State

  Also Out July 3, 2012
   Asia / XXX
   C-Bo / Orca
   Chris Brown / Fortune
   Deathspell Omega / Drought
   Flo Rida / Wild Ones
   Glass Cloud / The Royal Thousand
   Primate / Draw Back A Stump
  Coming July 10, 2012
   The Archives
   Billy Don Burns
   Dirty Projectors
   Duran Duran
   Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
   Immortal Technique (DVD)
   J. Stalin
   Louis Prima Jr.
   Marina And The Diamonds
   Muddy Waters & Rolling Stones
   Rhonda Vincent
   Toy Dolls

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