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New Albums & Songs For May 22, 2012

Shimmy by Billy Martin / Wil Blades

Billy Martin /
Wil Blades


Play & Info Play Shimmy Information about Shimmy

Royal Potato Family

The Stomach For It by The Bunny The Bear

The Bunny The Bear

The Stomach For It

Play & Info Play The Stomach For It Information about The Stomach For It


Holiday At Lake Bodom (15 Years Of Wasted Youth) by Children Of Bodom

Children Of Bodom

Holiday At Lake Bodom (15 Years Of Wasted...)

Play & Info Play Holiday At Lake Bodom (15 Years Of Wasted Youth) Information about Holiday At Lake Bodom (15 Years Of Wasted Youth)

Spinefarm US

Mutt by Cory Branan

Cory Branan


Play & Info Play Mutt Information about Mutt


Choice Of Weapon by The Cult

The Cult

Choice Of Weapon

Play & Info Play Choice Of Weapon Information about Choice Of Weapon

Cooking Vinyl

Pandora's Pi*ntilde*ata by Diablo Swing Orchestra

Diablo Swing Orchestra

Pandora's Piñata

Play & Info Play Pandora's Pi*ntilde*ata Information about Pandora's Pi*ntilde*ata


The Endangered by The Endangered

The Endangered

The Endangered

Play & Info Play The Endangered Information about The Endangered


Presents Pryda by Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz

Presents Pryda

Play & Info Play Presents Pryda Information about Presents Pryda


Few Against Many by Firewind


Few Against Many

Play & Info Play Few Against Many Information about Few Against Many

DisManic Dist. / eOne Music

Land Of The Freaks by Freak Kitchen

Freak Kitchen

Land Of The Freaks

Play & Info Play Land Of The Freaks Information about Land Of The Freaks

The Laser's Edge

Featuring Mato Nanji by Indigenous


Featuring Mato Nanji

Play & Info Play Featuring Mato Nanji Information about Featuring Mato Nanji

Blues Bureau

Driving Towards The Daylight by Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa

Driving Towards The Daylight

Play & Info Play Driving Towards The Daylight Information about Driving Towards The Daylight

J&R Adventures

...Ya Know? by Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone

...Ya Know?

Play & Info Play ...Ya Know? Information about ...Ya Know?

BMG Rights Management

Kill Devil Hill by Kill Devil Hill

Kill Devil Hill

Kill Devil Hill

Play & Info Play Kill Devil Hill Information about Kill Devil Hill

Steamhammer / SPV

Vows by Kimbra



Play & Info Play Vows Information about Vows

Warner Bros.

Havin' A Rave-Up: Live In Los Angeles, 1978 by The Knack

The Knack

Havin' A Rave-Up: Live In Los Angeles, 1978

Play & Info Play Havin' A Rave-Up: Live In Los Angeles, 1978 Information about Havin' A Rave-Up: Live In Los Angeles, 1978


Out Of My Hands by Natasha Borzilova

Natasha Borzilova

Out Of My Hands

Play & Info Play Out Of My Hands Information about Out Of My Hands

Hadley Music Group

Sumud by Niyaz



Play & Info Play Sumud Information about Sumud

Six Degrees

Ram (Reissue) by Paul & Linda McCartney

Paul & Linda McCartney

Ram (Reissue)

Play & Info Play Ram (Reissue) Information about Ram (Reissue)

Hear / Concord / MPL

(Don't Shake My) Family Tree by Rory Kelly

Rory Kelly

(Don't Shake My)
Family Tree

Play & Info Play (Don't Shake My) Family Tree Information about (Don't Shake My) Family Tree

Rusty Knuckles

CVI by Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder


Play & Info Play CVI Information about CVI


Lillie: F-65 by Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus

Lillie: F-65

Play & Info Play Lillie: F-65 Information about Lillie: F-65

Season Of Mist

Putumayo Presents Bluegrass by Various Artists

Various Artists

Putumayo Presents Bluegrass

Play & Info Play Putumayo Presents Bluegrass Information about Putumayo Presents Bluegrass


The Introduction by Zacardi Cortez

Zacardi Cortez

The Introduction

Play & Info Play The Introduction Information about The Introduction

Blacksmoke Music

  Also Out May 22, 2012
   El-P / Cancer For Cure
   Garbage / Not Your Kind of People
   John Mayer / Born And Raised
   Kris Allen / Thank You Camillia
   Sade / Bring Me Home - Live 2011 (DVD/CD)
   Six Feet Under / Undead
   Slash / Apocalyptic Love
   Tedeschi Trucks Band / Everybody's Talkin'
  Coming May 29, 2012
   12 Stones
   The Borderers
   Julia Stone
   Lancelot Link (DVD)
   Regina Spektor
   Sigur Ros

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