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New Albums & Songs For May 21, 2013

Black Dog Barking by Airbourne


Black Dog Barking

Play & Info Play Black Dog Barking Information about Black Dog Barking


A Is For Alpine by Alpine


A Is For Alpine

Play & Info Play A Is For Alpine Information about A Is For Alpine


Seesaw by Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

Beth Hart &
Joe Bonamassa


Play & Info Play Seesaw Information about Seesaw

J&R Adventures

This And That by Freddy Cole

Freddy Cole

This And That

Play & Info Play This And That Information about This And That


Vanishing Americans by Indigenous Featuring Mato Nanji

Indigenous Featuring
Mato Nanji

Vanishing Americans

Play & Info Play Vanishing Americans Information about Vanishing Americans

Blues Bureau

Worship In The Now - Live by Javen


Worship In The Now - Live

Play & Info Play Worship In The Now - Live Information about Worship In The Now - Live


Cavalcade by Jeffrey Foucault & Cold Satellite

Jeffrey Foucault
& Cold Satellite


Play & Info Play Cavalcade Information about Cavalcade

Signature Sounds

Time To Get Right by Jessta James

Jessta James

Time To Get Right

Play & Info Play Time To Get Right Information about Time To Get Right


Sticky Change (CD/DVD) by Josh Blue

Josh Blue

Sticky Change

Play & Info Play Sticky Change (CD/DVD) Information about Sticky Change (CD/DVD)

New Wave Dynamics

Dark As Night (Digital Only) by Nahko And Medicine For The People

Nahko And Medicine
For The People

Dark As Night (Digital)

Play & Info Play Dark As Night (Digital Only) Information about Dark As Night (Digital Only)

Hundred Handed Inc.

Trouble Will Find Me by The National

The National

Trouble Will Find Me

Play & Info Play Trouble Will Find Me Information about Trouble Will Find Me


Primates by Open Air Stereo

Open Air Stereo


Play & Info Play Primates Information about Primates


On Fire Live At The Bowl (DVD) by Queen


On Fire Live At The Bowl

Play & Info Play On Fire Live At The Bowl (DVD) Information about On Fire Live At The Bowl (DVD)

Eagle Rock

Crossfire Hurricane (DVD/Blu-ray) by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

Crossfire Hurricane

Play & Info Play Crossfire Hurricane (DVD/Blu-ray) Information about Crossfire Hurricane (DVD/Blu-ray)

Eagle Rock

Dreams In The Rat House by Shannon And The Clams

Shannon And
The Clams

Dreams In The Rat...

Play & Info Play Dreams In The Rat House Information about Dreams In The Rat House

Hardly Art

Miles Of Blu by Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo

Miles Of Blu

Play & Info Play Miles Of Blu Information about Miles Of Blu

Random Act

High, Low And In Between by Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt

High, Low And In Between

Play & Info Play High, Low And In Between Information about High, Low And In Between


The Late Great Townes Van Zandt by Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt

The Late Great
Townes Van Zandt

Play & Info Play The Late Great Townes Van Zandt Information about The Late Great Townes Van Zandt


Classic Harmonica Blues by Various Artists

Various Artists

Classic Harmonica Blues

Play & Info Play Classic Harmonica Blues Information about Classic Harmonica Blues

Smithsonian Folkways

  Also Out May 21, 2013
   The Beach Boys / Live: The 50th Anniversary Tour
   Behind The Candelabra Soundtrack
   The Brand New Heavies / Forward
   Daft Punk / Random Access Memories
   Darius Rucker / Darius Rucker
   French Montana / Excuse My French
   Swamp People Soundtrack
   Thirty Seconds To Mars / Love Lust Faith + Dreams
  Coming May 28, 2013
   Bil Basmala / On The Edge Of Forever
   Cas Haley / La Si Dah
   Cecile McLorin Salvant / WomanChild
   Dark Tranquility / Construct
   Dio / Finding The Sacred Heart (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray)
   Garbage / One Mile High: Live (DVD/Blu-Ray)
   Imgainary Cities / Fall Of Romance
   John Fogerty / Wrote A Song For Everyone
   Kevin Nealon / Whelmed... But Not Overly
   Laura Marling / Once I Was An Eagle
   The Pastels / Slow Summits
   Sean Hickey / Concertos
   Star Edwards With KingBeat / Sonic Travels
   Various Artists / Golden Slumbers: A Father's Lullaby

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