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New Albums & Songs For May 7, 2013

Out Of My Mind by Cassie Taylor

Cassie Taylor

Out Of My Mind

Play & Info Play Out Of My Mind Information about Out Of My Mind

Yellow Dog

Love And Forgiveness by Courtney Jaye

Courtney Jaye

Love And Forgiveness

Play & Info Play Love And Forgiveness Information about Love And Forgiveness


Brothers Of The Highway by Dailey & Vincent

Dailey & Vincent

Brothers Of The Highway

Play & Info Play Brothers Of The Highway Information about Brothers Of The Highway


Monomania by Deerhunter



Play & Info Play Monomania Information about Monomania


Diversity by Emily Bear

Emily Bear


Play & Info Play Diversity Information about Diversity


More Than Just A Dream by Fitz & The Tantrums

Fitz & The Tantrums

More Than Just A Dream

Play & Info Play More Than Just A Dream Information about More Than Just A Dream


Cotton Mouth Man by James Cotton

James Cotton

Cotton Mouth Man

Play & Info Play Cotton Mouth Man Information about Cotton Mouth Man


The Anchor & The Sail by Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell

The Anchor & The Sail

Play & Info Play The Anchor & The Sail Information about The Anchor & The Sail

Little London

Siberia Acoustic by Lights


Siberia Acoustic

Play & Info Play Siberia Acoustic Information about Siberia Acoustic

Last Gang

American Kid by Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin

American Kid

Play & Info Play American Kid Information about American Kid

New West

Annie Up by Pistol Annies

Pistol Annies

Annie Up

Play & Info Play Annie Up Information about Annie Up

RCA Nashville

Volume 3 by She & Him

She & Him

Volume 3

Play & Info Play Volume 3 Information about Volume 3


There Are But Four Small Faces by Small Faces

Small Faces

There Are But
Four Small Faces

Play & Info Play There Are But Four Small Faces Information about There Are But Four Small Faces

Varèse Sarabande

Her Very Best... So Far by Sophie Milman

Sophie Milman

Her Very Best...
So Far

Play & Info Play Her Very Best... So Far Information about Her Very Best... So Far


Passing Through The Zeroes by Temple Of Thieves

Temple Of Thieves

Passing Through
The Zeroes

Play & Info Play Passing Through The Zeroes Information about Passing Through The Zeroes


Suchness by We Are Loud Whispers

We Are Loud Whispers


Play & Info Play Suchness Information about Suchness

Hardly Art

  Also Out May 7, 2013
   98 Degrees / 20
   Joe Satriani / Unstoppable Momentum
   Joshua Redman / Walking Shadows
   Lady Antebellum / Golden
   Rod Stewart / Time
   Straight No Chaser / Under The Influence
   Talib Kweli / Prisoner Of Conscious
  Coming May 14, 2013
   Captain, We're Sinking / The Future Is Cancelled
   Carolina Still / The Color Of Rust
   Christian McBride & Inside Straight / People Music
   Escape The Fate / Ungrateful
   Eve / Lip Lock
   Fabrizio Sotti / Right Now
   Headstones / Love + Fury
   Jillette Johnson / Water In A Whale
   John Grant / Pale Green Ghosts
   Kaskade / Freaks Of Nature Tour (DVD)
   Lifeforms / Multidimensional
   Noah Preminger / Haymaker
   Ocellus / Departure
   The Resistance / Scars
   Vampire Weekend / Modern Vampires Of The City
   Various Artists / Everybody Has A Story

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