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New Albums & Songs For March 26, 2013

Sentimental Journey by Beegie Adair

Beegie Adair

Sentimental Journey

Play & Info Play Sentimental Journey Information about Sentimental Journey

Green Hill / Burton Avenue

Based On A True Story... by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton

Based On A True Story...

Play & Info Play Based On A True Story... Information about Based On A True Story...

Warner Bros.

Electric Goddess by Borislav Mitic

Borislav Mitic

Electric Goddess

Play & Info Play Electric Goddess Information about Electric Goddess


Hydra by Deville



Play & Info Play Hydra Information about Hydra

Small Stone

Here Tonight: The White Light Demos by Gene Clark

Gene Clark

Here Tonight:
The White Light Demos

Play & Info Play Here Tonight: The White Light Demos Information about Here Tonight: The White Light Demos


They Called It Music by The Gibson Brothers

The Gibson Brothers

They Called It Music

Play & Info Play They Called It Music Information about They Called It Music


Maiden England '88 by Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Maiden England '88

Play & Info Play Maiden England '88 Information about Maiden England '88


Jazz On Broadway by Jack Jezzro With The Beegie Adair Trio

Jack Jezzro With The Beegie Adair Trio

Jazz On Broadway

Play & Info Play Jazz On Broadway Information about Jazz On Broadway

Green Hill / Burton Avenue

An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) by Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa

Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House

Play & Info Play An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) Information about An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House (CD/DVD/Blu-ray)

J&R Adventures

Journey To Journey by Miho Hazama

Miho Hazama

Journey To Journey

Play & Info Play Journey To Journey Information about Journey To Journey


Got A Minute? by Milkshake


Got A Minute?

Play & Info Play Got A Minute? Information about Got A Minute?

Milkshake Music

Live In Detroit (DVD/Blu-ray) by Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton

Live In Detroit

Play & Info Play Live In Detroit (DVD/Blu-ray) Information about Live In Detroit (DVD/Blu-ray)

Eagle Rock

Twain by Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin


Play & Info Play Twain Information about Twain


Ringo At The Ryman (DVD) by Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

Ringo At The Ryman (DVD)

Play & Info Play Ringo At The Ryman (DVD) Information about Ringo At The Ryman (DVD)


Carry On (Box Set) by Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills

Carry On
(Box Set)

Play & Info Play Carry On (Box Set) Information about Carry On (Box Set)

Atlantic / Rhino

Thom Chacon by Thom Chacon

Thom Chacon

Thom Chacon

Play & Info Play Thom Chacon Information about Thom Chacon

A2Z Ent. / Pie Records

Drunk Texts To Myself by Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore

Drunk Texts To Myself

Play & Info Play Drunk Texts To Myself Information about Drunk Texts To Myself

Comedy Central

Brumblebassen by Trollfest



Play & Info Play Brumblebassen Information about Brumblebassen


Music For September by Vadim Neselovskyi

Vadim Neselovskyi

Music For September

Play & Info Play Music For September Information about Music For September


What Did He Say? (Remastered) by Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten

What Did He Say? (Remastered)

Play & Info Play What Did He Say? (Remastered) Information about What Did He Say? (Remastered)

Vix / Compass

Afraid Of Heights by Wavves


Afraid Of Heights

Play & Info Play Afraid Of Heights Information about Afraid Of Heights

Mom + Pop / Warner Bros.

  Also Out March 26, 2013
   Alan Jackson / Precious Memories: Vol II
   Capital Cities / Capital Cities
   Depeche Mode / Delta Machine
   Dido / Girl Who Got Away
   Harper Simon / Division Street
   Lil Wayne / I Am Not A Human Being II
   The Milk Carton Kids / The Ash & Clay
   OneRepublic / Native
   Sevendust / Black Out The Sun
   The Strokes / Comedown Machine
   Suicidal Tendencies / 13
   The Waterboys / An Appointment With Mr. Yeats
  Coming April 2, 2013
   Bonobo / The North Borders
   Charles Bradley / Victim Of Love
   Cold War Kids / Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
   Dark Horses / Black Music
   The Dear Hunter / Migrant
   HK119 / Imaginature
   LostAlone / I'm A UFO In This City
   Matt Mays / Coyote
   Petula Clark / Lost In You
   Various Artists / Ultra Music Festival 2013
   Wheeler Brothers / Gold Boots Glitter

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