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Newest Smooth Jazz Albums & Song Releases

The 25th Of December by Dave Koz & Friends

Dave Koz & Friends

The 25th Of December

Play & Info Play The 25th Of December Information about The 25th Of December


Released 9/30/14

Lip Service by Richard Elliot

Richard Elliot

Lip Service

Play & Info Play Lip Service Information about Lip Service

Heads Up

Released 7/15/14

The Next Chapter by Tom Braxton

Tom Braxton

The Next Chapter

Play & Info Play The Next Chapter Information about The Next Chapter

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 7/8/14

Evolve by Jackiem Joyner

Jackiem Joyner


Play & Info Play Evolve Information about Evolve

Artistry Music

Released 4/29/14

Razor Sharp Brit by Oli Silk

Oli Silk

Razor Sharp Brit

Play & Info Play Razor Sharp Brit Information about Razor Sharp Brit

Trippin 'N' Rhythm

Released 9/17/13

Number Ones by Richard Elliot

Richard Elliot

Number Ones

Play & Info Play Number Ones Information about Number Ones


Released 9/17/13

Pulse by Steve Cole

Steve Cole


Play & Info Play Pulse Information about Pulse


Released 9/17/13

My Loves by Kim Waters

Kim Waters

My Loves

Play & Info Play My Loves Information about My Loves

Red River

Released 6/25/13

A Rise In The Road by Yellowjackets


A Rise In The Road

Play & Info Play A Rise In The Road Information about A Rise In The Road

Mack Avenue

Released 6/25/13

Human Nature by BWB


Human Nature

Play & Info Play Human Nature Information about Human Nature

Heads Up

Released 6/18/13

Summer Horns by Dave Koz & Friends

Dave Koz & Friends

Summer Horns

Play & Info Play Summer Horns Information about Summer Horns


Released 6/11/13

The Beat by Boney James

Boney James

The Beat

Play & Info Play The Beat Information about The Beat


Released 4/9/13

Get It While You Can by Norman Johnson

Norman Johnson

Get It While You Can

Play & Info Play Get It While You Can Information about Get It While You Can

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 2/19/13

The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's by Various Artists

Various Artists

The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's

Play & Info Play The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's Information about The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's

Trippin 'N' Rhythm

Released 2/5/13

Private View by Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister

Private View

Play & Info Play Private View Information about Private View


Released 1/29/13

A Wonderful Thing by Rob Ryndak

Rob Ryndak

A Wonderful Thing

Play & Info Play A Wonderful Thing Information about A Wonderful Thing

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 1/15/13

Church Boy by Jackiem Joyner

Jackiem Joyner

Church Boy

Play & Info Play Church Boy Information about Church Boy


Released 10/22/12

Tales Of A Gypsy by Johannes Linstead

Johannes Linstead

Tales Of A Gypsy

Play & Info Play Tales Of A Gypsy Information about Tales Of A Gypsy

Earthscape Media

Released 10/22/12

Breakaway by Elizabeth Mis

Elizabeth Mis


Play & Info Play Breakaway Information about Breakaway

Trippin 'N' Rhythm

Released 10/9/12

Guitar Destiny by Marc Antoine

Marc Antoine

Guitar Destiny

Play & Info Play Guitar Destiny Information about Guitar Destiny

Frazzy Frog

Released 10/2/12

Grace & Mercy by Jonathan Butler

Jonathan Butler

Grace & Mercy

Play & Info Play Grace & Mercy Information about Grace & Mercy


Released 9/25/12

Esprit De Four by Fourplay


Esprit De Four

Play & Info Play Esprit De Four Information about Esprit De Four

Heads Up / Concord

Released 9/18/12

Endless Possibilities by Nicholas Cole

Nicholas Cole

Endless Possibilities

Play & Info Play Endless Possibilities Information about Endless Possibilities


Released 9/11/12

Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology by David Sanborn

David Sanborn

Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology

Play & Info Play Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology Information about Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology

Warner Bros. / Rhino

Released 7/31/12

24 Smooth Jazz Albums

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