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Newest Progressive Metal Albums & Song Releases

Z-2 by Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend Project


Play & Info Play Z-2 Information about Z-2

Century Media

Released 10/27/14

Hymns For The Broken by Evergrey


Hymns For The Broken

Play & Info Play Hymns For The Broken Information about Hymns For The Broken


Released 9/30/14

Live At Wacken - Official Bootleg by Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle

Live At Wacken
Official Bootleg

Play & Info Play Live At Wacken - Official Bootleg Information about Live At Wacken - Official Bootleg

Eagle Rock

Released 9/16/14

Distant Satellites by Anathema


Distant Satellites

Play & Info Play Distant Satellites Information about Distant Satellites


Released 6/10/14

Horizons by Anubis Gate

Anubis Gate


Play & Info Play Horizons Information about Horizons


Released 4/15/14

Esoteric Symbolism by Teramaze


Esoteric Symbolism

Play & Info Play Esoteric Symbolism Information about Esoteric Symbolism


Released 4/15/14

Melana Chasmata by Triptykon


Melana Chasmata

Play & Info Play Melana Chasmata Information about Melana Chasmata

Century Media

Released 4/15/14

Into The Maelstrom by Bigelf


Into The Maelstrom

Play & Info Play Into The Maelstrom Information about Into The Maelstrom

Inside Out

Released 4/1/14

Katharsis by Shear



Play & Info Play Katharsis Information about Katharsis


Released 4/1/14

Darkness In A Different Light by Fates Warning

Fates Warning

Darkness In
A Different Light

Play & Info Play Darkness In A Different Light Information about Darkness In A Different Light


Released 9/30/13

Scattered Horizons by Siren's Cry

Siren's Cry

Scattered Horizons

Play & Info Play Scattered Horizons Information about Scattered Horizons


Released 9/17/13

Atomic Ark by Lalu


Atomic Ark

Play & Info Play Atomic Ark Information about Atomic Ark


Released 9/10/13

Impermanent Resonance by James LaBrie

James LaBrie

Impermanent Resonance

Play & Info Play Impermanent Resonance Information about Impermanent Resonance


Released 8/6/13

Manipulation Under Anesthesia by Abnormal Thought Patterns

Abnormal Thought Patterns

Manipulation Under...

Play & Info Play Manipulation Under Anesthesia Information about Manipulation Under Anesthesia


Released 6/25/13

The Omega Experiment by The Omega Experiment

The Omega Experiment

The Omega Experiment

Play & Info Play The Omega Experiment Information about The Omega Experiment


Released 4/9/13

Invictus (The 11th Hour) by Tellus Requiem

Tellus Requiem

Invictus (The 11th Hour)

Play & Info Play Invictus (The 11th Hour) Information about Invictus (The 11th Hour)


Released 1/22/13

16 Progressive Metal Albums

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