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Newest Neo Soul Albums & Song Releases

Nights Like This by Eli Paperboy Reed

Eli Paperboy Reed

Nights Like This

Play & Info Play Nights Like This Information about Nights Like This

Warner Bros.

Released 4/29/14

Food by Kelis



Play & Info Play Food Information about Food

Ninja Tune

Released 4/22/14

Recovery by Algebra Blessett

Algebra Blessett


Play & Info Play Recovery Information about Recovery

eOne Music

Released 1/28/14

Troubadour by The Stepkids

The Stepkids


Play & Info Play Troubadour Information about Troubadour

Stones Throw

Released 9/10/13

More Than Just A Dream by Fitz & The Tantrums

Fitz & The Tantrums

More Than Just A Dream

Play & Info Play More Than Just A Dream Information about More Than Just A Dream


Released 5/7/13

Metropolis Saga by J Metro

J Metro

Metropolis Saga

Play & Info Play Metropolis Saga Information about Metropolis Saga

Moore Productions

Released 2/19/13

Shades Of Gray (Single) by J Metro

J Metro

Shades Of Gray

Play & Info Play Shades Of Gray (Single) Information about Shades Of Gray (Single)

Moore Productions

Released 12/11/12

Presents Floetry Re:Birth by The Floacist

The Floacist

Presents Floetry Re:Birth

Play & Info Play Presents Floetry Re:Birth Information about Presents Floetry Re:Birth


Released 11/13/12

The Glorious Dead by The Heavy

The Heavy

The Glorious Dead

Play & Info Play The Glorious Dead Information about The Glorious Dead


Released 8/21/12

Michael Lynche by Michael Lynche

Michael Lynche

Michael Lynche

Play & Info Play Michael Lynche Information about Michael Lynche


Released 8/14/12

Medicine Man by The Bamboos

The Bamboos

Medicine Man

Play & Info Play Medicine Man Information about Medicine Man

Tru Thoughts

Released 6/5/12

Our Version Of Events by Emeli Sand*eacute*

Emeli Sandé

Our Version Of Events

Play & Info Play Our Version Of Events Information about Our Version Of Events


Released 6/5/12

The Endangered by The Endangered

The Endangered

The Endangered

Play & Info Play The Endangered Information about The Endangered


Released 5/22/12

Rock Dust Light Star by Jamiroquai


Rock Dust Light Star

Play & Info Play Rock Dust Light Star Information about Rock Dust Light Star

Executive Music Group

Released 4/24/12

Beautiful by Tim Bowman Jr.

Tim Bowman Jr.


Play & Info Play Beautiful Information about Beautiful

Trippin 'N' Rhythm

Released 4/24/12

Radio Music Society by Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding

Radio Music Society

Play & Info Play Radio Music Society Information about Radio Music Society

Heads Up

Released 3/20/12

Soundtrack For A Revolution by Soundtrack


Soundtrack For A Revolution

Play & Info Play Soundtrack For A Revolution Information about Soundtrack For A Revolution

eOne Music

Released 2/14/12

The Other Side Of Tomorrow by The Slakadeliqs

The Slakadeliqs

The Other Side Of Tomorrow

Play & Info Play The Other Side Of Tomorrow Information about The Other Side Of Tomorrow

Beatchild / Nova Music

Released 2/7/12

President Of Your Heart (Digital Single) by J Metro

J Metro

President Of Your Heart (Digital Single)

Play & Info Play President Of Your Heart (Digital Single) Information about President Of Your Heart (Digital Single)

Moore Productions

Released 1/24/12

#Location, Location, Location by Anthony David

Anthony David

#Location, Location, Location

Play & Info Play #Location, Location, Location Information about #Location, Location, Location

eOne Music

Released 12/6/11

Mr. Nice Guy by Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson

Mr. Nice Guy

Play & Info Play Mr. Nice Guy Information about Mr. Nice Guy

eOne Music

Released 11/8/11

'Til the Morning by Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat

'Til the Morning

Play & Info Play 'Til the Morning Information about 'Til the Morning

eOne Music

Released 11/8/11

P.S. I Love Me by Lil' Mo

Lil' Mo

P.S. I Love Me

Play & Info Play P.S. I Love Me Information about P.S. I Love Me

Bronx Bridge Ent.

Released 11/8/11

Open Invitation by Tyrese


Open Invitation

Play & Info Play Open Invitation Information about Open Invitation

Voltron / EMI

Released 11/1/11

OMG Tour - Live From London (DVD/Blu-ray) by Usher


OMG Tour - Live From London (DVD/Blu-ray)

Play & Info Play OMG Tour - Live From London (DVD/Blu-ray) Information about OMG Tour - Live From London (DVD/Blu-ray)

Eagle Vision

Released 11/1/11

Gaslight by fDeluxe



Play & Info Play Gaslight Information about Gaslight


Released 9/27/11

Cry Love by Maya Azucena

Maya Azucena

Cry Love

Play & Info Play Cry Love Information about Cry Love

Azucena Songs / Half Note

Released 9/13/11

Live In Minneapolis by Alexander O'Neal

Alexander O'Neal

Live In Minneapolis

Play & Info Play Live In Minneapolis Information about Live In Minneapolis

CC Entertainment

Released 8/30/11

Lira - EP (Digital Only) by Lira


Lira - EP
(Digital Only)

Play & Info Play Lira - EP (Digital Only) Information about Lira - EP (Digital Only)

Otarel / Sony South Africa

Released 8/9/11

Lira - EP by Lira


Lira - EP

Play & Info Play Lira - EP Information about Lira - EP

Otarel / Sony South Africa

Released 8/9/11

Love Has No Recession by Kindred The Family Soul

Kindred The
Family Soul

Love Has No Recession

Play & Info Play Love Has No Recession Information about Love Has No Recession


Released 7/26/11

Bleuphoria by Rahsaan Patterson

Rahsaan Patterson


Play & Info Play Bleuphoria Information about Bleuphoria

Artistry Music

Released 7/19/11

Just Me by Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight

Just Me

Play & Info Play Just Me Information about Just Me

eOne Music

Released 7/12/11

So Real by Yolanda Rabun

Yolanda Rabun

So Real

Play & Info Play So Real Information about So Real

Yodyful Music

Released 7/12/11

Elements by Charles Simmons

Charles Simmons


Play & Info Play Elements Information about Elements


Released 6/21/11

The Light Of The Sun by Jill Scott

Jill Scott

The Light Of The Sun

Play & Info Play The Light Of The Sun Information about The Light Of The Sun

Blues Babe / Warner Bros.

Released 6/21/11

Taylormade by Tasha Taylor

Tasha Taylor


Play & Info Play Taylormade Information about Taylormade


Released 6/14/11

The Defamation Of Strickland Banks by Plan B

Plan B

The Defamation Of Strickland Banks

Play & Info Play The Defamation Of Strickland Banks Information about The Defamation Of Strickland Banks

679 / Atlantic

Released 4/19/11

As Above, So Below by Anthony David

Anthony David

As Above, So Below

Play & Info Play As Above, So Below Information about As Above, So Below

eOne Music

Released 3/22/11

21 by Adele



Play & Info Play 21 Information about 21

Columbia / XL Recordings

Released 2/22/11

J Metro by J Metro

J Metro

J Metro

Play & Info Play J Metro Information about J Metro

Moore Productions

Released 1/25/11

The Letter by Avant


The Letter

Play & Info Play The Letter Information about The Letter

Verve Forecast

Released 12/21/10

No Boys Allowed by Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson

No Boys Allowed

Play & Info Play No Boys Allowed Information about No Boys Allowed

Interscope / Mosley / Zone 4

Released 12/21/10

It's Christmas Time (Single) by Jamie Sparks

Jamie Sparks

It's Christmas Time (Single)

Play & Info Play It's Christmas Time (Single) Information about It's Christmas Time (Single)

Kicksta Music Group

Released 12/7/10

Lost In Time by Eric Benet

Eric Benet

Lost In Time

Play & Info Play Lost In Time Information about Lost In Time


Released 11/30/10

Santa Love (Single) by Jamie Sparks

Jamie Sparks

Santa Love (Single)

Play & Info Play Santa Love (Single) Information about Santa Love (Single)

Kicksta Music Group

Released 11/30/10

The Lady Killer by Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green

The Lady Killer

Play & Info Play The Lady Killer Information about The Lady Killer


Released 11/9/10

Floetic Soul by The Floacist

The Floacist

Floetic Soul

Play & Info Play Floetic Soul Information about Floetic Soul


Released 11/9/10

Alcoholic Logic EP by J Metro

J Metro

Alcoholic Logic EP

Play & Info Play Alcoholic Logic EP Information about Alcoholic Logic EP

Moore Productions

Released 10/19/10

Come And Get It! by Eli Paperboy Reed

Eli Paperboy Reed

Come And Get It!

Play & Info Play Come And Get It! Information about Come And Get It!


Released 8/10/10

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