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Newest Contemporary Jazz Albums & Song Releases

The Next Chapter by Tom Braxton

Tom Braxton

The Next Chapter

Play & Info Play The Next Chapter Information about The Next Chapter

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 7/8/14

Living My Dream by Jonathan Butler

Jonathan Butler

Living My Dream

Play & Info Play Living My Dream Information about Living My Dream


Released 6/24/14

Jazz Gems: The Best Of Nils by Nils


Jazz Gems:
The Best Of Nils

Play & Info Play Jazz Gems: The Best Of Nils Information about Jazz Gems: The Best Of Nils

Baja / TSR

Released 5/19/14

Chameleon by Harvey Mason

Harvey Mason


Play & Info Play Chameleon Information about Chameleon


Released 4/29/14

Evolve by Jackiem Joyner

Jackiem Joyner


Play & Info Play Evolve Information about Evolve

Artistry Music

Released 4/29/14

Heroes + Misfits by Kris Bowers

Kris Bowers

Heroes + Misfits

Play & Info Play Heroes + Misfits Information about Heroes + Misfits

Concord Jazz

Released 3/4/14

Another Long Night Out by Brian Culbertson

Brian Culbertson

Another Long Night Out

Play & Info Play Another Long Night Out Information about Another Long Night Out

BCM Entertainment

Released 2/25/14

Brecker Brothers Band Reunion by Randy Brecker

Randy Brecker

Brecker Brothers Band Reunion

Play & Info Play Brecker Brothers Band Reunion Information about Brecker Brothers Band Reunion


Released 10/8/13

Merry Christmas To You by Jonathan Butler

Jonathan Butler

Merry Christmas To You

Play & Info Play Merry Christmas To You Information about Merry Christmas To You


Released 9/30/13

Guided Tour by The New Gary Burton Quartet

The New Gary Burton Quartet

Guided Tour

Play & Info Play Guided Tour Information about Guided Tour

Mack Avenue

Released 8/6/13

The Absolute Greatest Hits by Wayman Tisdale

Wayman Tisdale

The Absolute
Greatest Hits

Play & Info Play The Absolute Greatest Hits Information about The Absolute Greatest Hits


Released 8/6/13

HandPicked by Earl Klugh

Earl Klugh


Play & Info Play HandPicked Information about HandPicked

Heads Up

Released 7/30/13

Full Circle by Lawson Rollins

Lawson Rollins

Full Circle

Play & Info Play Full Circle Information about Full Circle

Infinita / Baja/TSR

Released 7/16/13

Inspiration (A Tribute To Nat King Cole) by George Benson

George Benson

Inspiration (A Tribute To Nat King Cole)

Play & Info Play Inspiration (A Tribute To Nat King Cole) Information about Inspiration (A Tribute To Nat King Cole)


Released 6/4/13

Blossom by Amanda Brecker

Amanda Brecker


Play & Info Play Blossom Information about Blossom


Released 2/26/13

Get It While You Can by Norman Johnson

Norman Johnson

Get It While You Can

Play & Info Play Get It While You Can Information about Get It While You Can

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 2/19/13

Money Jungle: Provocative In Blue by Terri Lyne Carrington

Terri Lyne Carrington

Money Jungle: Provocative In Blue

Play & Info Play Money Jungle: Provocative In Blue Information about Money Jungle: Provocative In Blue

Concord Jazz

Released 2/5/13

The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's by Various Artists

Various Artists

The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's

Play & Info Play The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's Information about The Ultimate Smooth Jazz #1's

Trippin 'N' Rhythm

Released 2/5/13

A Wonderful Thing by Rob Ryndak

Rob Ryndak

A Wonderful Thing

Play & Info Play A Wonderful Thing Information about A Wonderful Thing

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 1/15/13

Lovely Days by Sherri Roberts

Sherri Roberts

Lovely Days

Play & Info Play Lovely Days Information about Lovely Days

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 1/15/13

Live At Kitano by Frank Kimbrough Trio

Frank Kimbrough Trio

Live At Kitano

Play & Info Play Live At Kitano Information about Live At Kitano


Released 10/22/12

Church Boy by Jackiem Joyner

Jackiem Joyner

Church Boy

Play & Info Play Church Boy Information about Church Boy


Released 10/22/12

Tales Of A Gypsy by Johannes Linstead

Johannes Linstead

Tales Of A Gypsy

Play & Info Play Tales Of A Gypsy Information about Tales Of A Gypsy

Earthscape Media

Released 10/22/12

Breakaway by Elizabeth Mis

Elizabeth Mis


Play & Info Play Breakaway Information about Breakaway

Trippin 'N' Rhythm

Released 10/9/12

Guitar Destiny by Marc Antoine

Marc Antoine

Guitar Destiny

Play & Info Play Guitar Destiny Information about Guitar Destiny

Frazzy Frog

Released 10/2/12

Rewind by Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Shepherd


Play & Info Play Rewind Information about Rewind

Linus Entertainment

Released 9/25/12

Grace & Mercy by Jonathan Butler

Jonathan Butler

Grace & Mercy

Play & Info Play Grace & Mercy Information about Grace & Mercy


Released 9/25/12

Angelic Warrior by Tia Fuller

Tia Fuller

Angelic Warrior

Play & Info Play Angelic Warrior Information about Angelic Warrior

Mack Avenue

Released 9/25/12

Esprit De Four by Fourplay


Esprit De Four

Play & Info Play Esprit De Four Information about Esprit De Four

Heads Up / Concord

Released 9/18/12

Alba by Marco Bittelli

Marco Bittelli


Play & Info Play Alba Information about Alba

Pacific Coast Jazz

Released 9/11/12

Endless Possibilities by Nicholas Cole

Nicholas Cole

Endless Possibilities

Play & Info Play Endless Possibilities Information about Endless Possibilities


Released 9/11/12

Let It Ride by Jeff Kashiwa

Jeff Kashiwa

Let It Ride

Play & Info Play Let It Ride Information about Let It Ride

Native Language

Released 8/21/12

Christian aTunde Adjuah by Christian Scott

Christian Scott

Christian aTunde Adjuah

Play & Info Play Christian aTunde Adjuah Information about Christian aTunde Adjuah

Concord Jazz

Released 7/31/12

Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology by David Sanborn

David Sanborn

Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology

Play & Info Play Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology Information about Then Again: The David Sanborn Anthology

Warner Bros. / Rhino

Released 7/31/12

Live by Randy Crawford & Joe Sample

Randy Crawford &
Joe Sample


Play & Info Play Live Information about Live


Released 7/31/12

New American Suite by Kevin Toney

Kevin Toney

New American Suite

Play & Info Play New American Suite Information about New American Suite

K-Tone Enterprises

Released 7/24/12

Bromberg Plays Hendrix by Brian Bromberg

Brian Bromberg

Bromberg Plays Hendrix

Play & Info Play Bromberg Plays Hendrix Information about Bromberg Plays Hendrix


Released 7/17/12

In The Spirit of Jobim by Brian Bromberg

Brian Bromberg

In The Spirit of Jobim

Play & Info Play In The Spirit of Jobim Information about In The Spirit of Jobim


Released 7/17/12

Kissed By The Sun by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Kissed By The Sun

Play & Info Play Kissed By The Sun Information about Kissed By The Sun

Wind Tunnel

Released 7/10/12

Another Country by Cassandra Wilson

Cassandra Wilson

Another Country

Play & Info Play Another Country Information about Another Country

eOne Music

Released 6/26/12

24/7 by Gerald Albright & Norman Brown

Gerald Albright & Norman Brown


Play & Info Play 24/7 Information about 24/7

Concord Jazz

Released 6/19/12

All Over The Place by Mike Stern

Mike Stern

All Over The Place

Play & Info Play All Over The Place Information about All Over The Place

Heads Up / Concord

Released 6/19/12

The Mothership Returns (CD/DVD) by Return To Forever

Return To Forever

The Mothership Returns (CD/DVD)

Play & Info Play The Mothership Returns (CD/DVD) Information about The Mothership Returns (CD/DVD)

Eagle Rock

Released 6/19/12

Blossom & Bee by Sara Gazarek

Sara Gazarek

Blossom & Bee

Play & Info Play Blossom & Bee Information about Blossom & Bee


Released 6/19/12

Compared To That by Brian Bromberg

Brian Bromberg

Compared To That

Play & Info Play Compared To That Information about Compared To That


Released 6/5/12

Shimmy by Billy Martin / Wil Blades

Billy Martin /
Wil Blades


Play & Info Play Shimmy Information about Shimmy

Royal Potato Family

Released 5/22/12

Betcha By Golly Wow: The Songs Of Thom Bell by Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin

The Songs Of Thom Bell

Play & Info Play Betcha By Golly Wow: The Songs Of Thom Bell Information about Betcha By Golly Wow: The Songs Of Thom Bell

eOne Music

Released 4/10/12

Girl Talk by Kate McGarry

Kate McGarry

Girl Talk

Play & Info Play Girl Talk Information about Girl Talk


Released 4/10/12

Speachless by Darren Rahn

Darren Rahn


Play & Info Play Speachless Information about Speachless

Trippin 'N' Rhythm

Released 3/27/12

GroundUp by Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy


Play & Info Play GroundUp Information about GroundUp


Released 3/27/12

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