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Newest Adult Alternative Albums & Song Releases

Down To Earth by Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities

Down To Earth

Play & Info Play Down To Earth Information about Down To Earth

Future Classic / Glassnote

Released 10/27/14

Hold My Home by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids

Hold My Home

Play & Info Play Hold My Home Information about Hold My Home


Released 10/21/14

You Are What You Listen To by Gary Calamar

Gary Calamar

You Are What
You Listen To

Play & Info Play You Are What You Listen To Information about You Are What You Listen To

Atlantic / Sedan Zero

Released 10/21/14

Jukebox The Ghost by Jukebox The Ghost

Jukebox The Ghost

Jukebox The Ghost

Play & Info Play Jukebox The Ghost Information about Jukebox The Ghost

Yep Roc

Released 10/21/14

Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell by Various Artists

Various Artists

Master Mix: Red Hot
+ Arthur Russell

Play & Info Play Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell Information about Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell

Yep Roc

Released 10/21/14

Standards by Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole


Play & Info Play Standards Information about Standards


Released 10/14/14

Dear You by Meiko


Dear You

Play & Info Play Dear You Information about Dear You


Released 10/14/14

Slap Back by Sallie Ford

Sallie Ford

Slap Back

Play & Info Play Slap Back Information about Slap Back


Released 10/14/14

Echolalia by Winterpills



Play & Info Play Echolalia Information about Echolalia

Signature Sounds

Released 10/14/14

Sleeping Operator by The Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers

Sleeping Operator

Play & Info Play Sleeping Operator Information about Sleeping Operator

Secret City

Released 10/7/14

Lost Loves by Minus The Bear

Minus The Bear

Lost Loves

Play & Info Play Lost Loves Information about Lost Loves


Released 10/7/14

Weatherhouse by Philip Selway

Philip Selway


Play & Info Play Weatherhouse Information about Weatherhouse

Bella Union / PIAS America

Released 10/7/14

Safety In Numbers by Scars On 45

Scars On 45

Safety In Numbers

Play & Info Play Safety In Numbers Information about Safety In Numbers


Released 10/7/14

TV Eyes by TV Eyes

TV Eyes

TV Eyes

Play & Info Play TV Eyes Information about TV Eyes


Released 10/7/14

Phantom Pop by Wild Party

Wild Party

Phantom Pop

Play & Info Play Phantom Pop Information about Phantom Pop

Old Friends

Released 10/7/14

Phantom by Madi Diaz

Madi Diaz


Play & Info Play Phantom Information about Phantom


Released 9/30/14

Mended With Gold by The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Mended With Gold

Play & Info Play Mended With Gold Information about Mended With Gold

Saddle Creek

Released 9/30/14

This Is All Yours by alt-J


This Is All Yours

Play & Info Play This Is All Yours Information about This Is All Yours

Atlantic / Canvasback

Released 9/23/14

Syro by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin


Play & Info Play Syro Information about Syro


Released 9/23/14

_hello world by Information Society

Information Society

_hello world

Play & Info Play _hello world Information about _hello world


Released 9/23/14

Strut by Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz


Play & Info Play Strut Information about Strut

Roxie / Kobalt

Released 9/23/14

Stay Lost by White Violet

White Violet

Stay Lost

Play & Info Play Stay Lost Information about Stay Lost


Released 9/23/14

Just Enough Hip To Be Woman by BRONCHO


Just Enough Hip
To Be Woman

Play & Info Play Just Enough Hip To Be Woman Information about Just Enough Hip To Be Woman

Dine Alone

Released 9/16/14

Stellar Motel by Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty

Stellar Motel

Play & Info Play Stellar Motel Information about Stellar Motel

Snack Bar

Released 9/16/14

This Is Cave Music by Moon Hooch

Moon Hooch

This Is Cave Music

Play & Info Play This Is Cave Music Information about This Is Cave Music


Released 9/16/14

Caustic Love by Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini

Caustic Love

Play & Info Play Caustic Love Information about Caustic Love


Released 9/16/14

The Good Goodbye: Unreleased Recordings 1984 - 1990 by Scruffy The Cat

Scruffy The Cat

The Good Goodbye: Unreleased Recordings

Play & Info Play The Good Goodbye: Unreleased Recordings 1984 - 1990 Information about The Good Goodbye: Unreleased Recordings 1984 - 1990


Released 9/16/14

Songs Of Innocence by U2


Songs Of Innocence

Play & Info Play Songs Of Innocence Information about Songs Of Innocence


Released 9/16/14

The Dew Lasts An Hour by Ballet School

Ballet School

The Dew Lasts An Hour

Play & Info Play The Dew Lasts An Hour Information about The Dew Lasts An Hour

PIAS America

Released 9/9/14

All Together Now by Better Than Ezra

Better Than Ezra

All Together Now

Play & Info Play All Together Now Information about All Together Now

The End

Released 9/9/14

The Shipwreck From The Shore by Anthony D'Amato

Anthony D'Amato

The Shipwreck From
The Shore

Play & Info Play The Shipwreck From The Shore Information about The Shipwreck From The Shore

New West

Released 9/2/14

Barrag*aacute*n by Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead


Play & Info Play Barrag*aacute*n Information about Barrag*aacute*n

Asawa Kuru / Kobalt

Released 9/2/14

Soft Friday by Coves


Soft Friday

Play & Info Play Soft Friday Information about Soft Friday


Released 9/2/14

Blaze Of Glory - Expanded by Game Theory

Game Theory

Blaze Of Glory

Play & Info Play Blaze Of Glory - Expanded Information about Blaze Of Glory - Expanded


Released 9/2/14

Body Questions by Floating Action

Floating Action

Body Questions

Play & Info Play Body Questions Information about Body Questions

New West

Released 8/26/14

Albumin by Celebration



Play & Info Play Albumin Information about Albumin

Bella Union / PIAS America

Released 8/19/14

Don't Disconnect by Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe

Don't Disconnect

Play & Info Play Don't Disconnect Information about Don't Disconnect


Released 8/19/14

The Season Of Love by Gramercy Arms

Gramercy Arms

The Season Of Love

Play & Info Play The Season Of Love Information about The Season Of Love


Released 8/12/14

I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss by Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

I'm Not Bossy,
I'm The Boss

Play & Info Play I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss Information about I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss


Released 8/12/14

High Noon by Arkells


High Noon

Play & Info Play High Noon Information about High Noon

Dine Alone

Released 8/5/14

No Moon At All by Wildcat! Wildcat!

Wildcat! Wildcat!

No Moon At All

Play & Info Play No Moon At All Information about No Moon At All


Released 8/5/14

The Voyager by Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis

The Voyager

Play & Info Play The Voyager Information about The Voyager

Warner Bros.

Released 7/29/14




Play & Info Play Hope Information about Hope

Tell The Rest / CEN

Released 7/22/14

Salvation by Wakey!Wakey!



Play & Info Play Salvation Information about Salvation

Mumma Grubbs / Thirty Tigers

Released 7/22/14

Hard Believer by Fink


Hard Believer

Play & Info Play Hard Believer Information about Hard Believer

Ninja Tune

Released 7/15/14

Terms Of My Surrender by John Hiatt

John Hiatt

Terms Of My Surrender

Play & Info Play Terms Of My Surrender Information about Terms Of My Surrender

New West

Released 7/15/14

Deep River by Jon Allen

Jon Allen

Deep River

Play & Info Play Deep River Information about Deep River

OK! Good

Released 7/8/14

How's Your Process? (Work) by Dot Hacker

Dot Hacker

How's Your Process?

Play & Info Play How's Your Process? (Work) Information about How's Your Process? (Work)

Org Music

Released 7/1/14

Shiver + Shake by My Goodness

My Goodness

Shiver + Shake

Play & Info Play Shiver + Shake Information about Shiver + Shake


Released 6/24/14

SomeKindaWonderful by SomeKindaWonderful



Play & Info Play SomeKindaWonderful Information about SomeKindaWonderful


Released 6/24/14

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