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Zachary Kibbee
Songs From The Mud (Digital Only)

Zachary Kibbee - Songs From The Mud (Digital Only)

Zachary Kibbee’s debut album is a blend of classic blues with modern taste. Released digitally with physical copies available at Kibbee’s shows, the album is already gaining notoriety and press.

“Well, hell, this is freakin’ fantastic! The song ‘See Right Through You’ has a cool, funky and totally addictive groove.” - Soundwaves Review

Many of the songs have been used in various TV shows, ads, and films including The Drop, Burying The Ex, The Dude Perfect Show, Victoria’s Secret and many more. Averaging around 100 additional listeners daily on Spotify, the album is being heard more and more by the masses.

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"What Did I Ever Do?"


  1. 1. End Of Days
  2. 2. See Right Through You
  3. 3. All Tied Up
  4. 4. Pull Me Off This Train
  5. 5. What Did I Ever Do?
  6. 6. Your Own Way
  7. 7. I Can’t Be Your Man
  8. 8. Little Clocks
  9. 9. I’m A Man
  10. 10. Gone
  11. 11. Cruel Mistress
  12. 12. Haunted

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 13
    Sacramento, CA, US Zachary Kibbee at Old Ironsides
  • Apr 14
    Grants Pass, OR, US Zachary Kibbee at G Street Bar and Grill
  • Apr 15
    Medford, OR, US Zachary Kibbee at Howiee's on Front
  • May 06
    Huntsville, AL, US Zachary Kibbee at Furniture Factory Bar & Grill
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