New Releases For April 10, 2012

Young Hines
Give Me My Change

Young Hines - Give Me My Change

Young Hines began playing music at age 12. After spending years playing music in the Roaches, his 60's cover band and opening for the likes of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, a demo of his found its way to Brendan Benson, who not only produced Young's debut, Give Me My Change, in the all-analog Nashville studio, Welcome to 1979, but also released it as the first signee on his newly formed Readymade Records.

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"Can't Explode"


  1. 1. Young Again
  2. 2. Give Me My Change
  3. 3. Don't Break My Fall
  4. 4. I Ask This Of You
  5. 5. Keep Me Goin'
  6. 6. No One Knows
  7. 7. Just Say No (Sometimes)
  8. 8. Hold You And Scold You
  9. 9. Rainy Day
  10. 10. Better Things
  11. 11. Can't Explode
  12. 12. Lost In The Mix
  13. 13. Forever Young