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Wishbone Ash
Coat Of Arms

Wishbone Ash - Coat Of Arms

In the annals of rock music, there have been few bands with a lasting stylistic influence who continue to be active to this day and are celebrated at their shows not only for their past accomplishments but who continue to impress their fans with new albums, new songs and fresh ideas at regular intervals. Wishbone Ash certainly count among this rare species. Their latest release Coat Of Arms forges an arc to all these offerings, featuring Wishbone Ash’s characteristic twin lead guitar parts, their haunting melodies and diverse stylistic facets, while at the same time imbuing the scene with a breath of fresh air.

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"We Stand As One"


  1. 1. We Stand As One
  2. 2. Coat Of Arms
  3. 3. Empty Man
  4. 4. Floreana
  5. 5. Drive
  6. 6. It's Only You I See
  7. 7. Too Cool For AC
  8. 8. Back In The Day
  9. 9. Deja Vu
  10. 10. When The Love Is Shared
  11. 11. Personal Halloween

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jan 18
    Verviers, Belgium Wishbone Ash at SPIRIT OF 66
  • Jan 22
    Tübingen, Germany Wishbone Ash at Sudhaus, Großer Saal
  • Jan 23
    Konstanz, Germany Wishbone Ash at Kulturladen
  • Jan 26
    Gateshead, UK Wishbone Ash and Jan Akkerman at The Sage Gateshead, Hall 1
  • Jan 27
    New Brighton, UK Wishbone Ash and Jan Akkerman at Floral Pavilion Theatre
  • Jan 28
    Bristol, UK Wishbone Ash and Jan Akkerman Band at St George's Hall
  • Feb 07
    Rubigen, Switzerland Wishbone Ash at Mühle Hunziken
  • Feb 08
    Pratteln, Switzerland Wishbone Ash at Z7 KONZERTFABRIK
  • Feb 11
    Istanbul, Turkey Wishbone Ash at Zorlu PSM 100% Studio
  • Feb 25
    Pawling, NY, US Wishbone Ash at Daryl's House
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