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Afraid Of Heights

Wavves - Afraid Of Heights

As big-time bands go, Wavves started out a little undercooked: just a guy named Nathan Williams who made sloppy four-track garage-pop anthems with cheap equipment. Big-time hype followed quickly - a little too quickly for any new band's own good - and Wavves' sound has now reached another level.

Celebrating their new album Afraid Of Heights, they performed at SXSW's 2013 music festival demonstrating there's a good band out there - a worthy heir to obvious influences from Nirvana to Green Day to Weezer, all of whom share Wavves' mix of self-flagellation and pop hooks.

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"Demon To Lean On"


  1. 1. Sail To The Sun
  2. 2. Demon To Lean On
  3. 3. Mystic
  4. 4. Lunge Forward
  5. 5. Dog
  6. 6. Afraid Of Heights
  7. 7. Paranoid
  8. 8. Cop
  9. 9. Beat Me Up
  10. 10. Everything Is My Fault
  11. 11. That's On Me
  12. 12. Gimme A Knife
  13. 13. I Can't Dream