New Releases For February 10, 2015

The Vespers
Sisters And Brothers

The Vespers - Sisters And Brothers

On their third album, Sisters and Brothers, the Vespers combine Americana roots with pop melody and rock & roll muscle. It's an album about growth and discovery, about finding your place in the world - and your sound - by leaning on the support of those around you. For the Vespers, those supporters include one another.

Comprised of two pairs of siblings - the Cryar sisters and Jones brothers, all natives of Nashville, Tennessee - the Vespers began making their own kind of rootsy, southern stomp in 2009, throwing themselves into a music scene that was rich in history and high in competition.

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"Sisters And Brothers"


  1. 1. Break The Cycle
  2. 2. We Win
  3. 3. New Kids
  4. 4. Sisters And Brothers
  5. 5. Not Enough
  6. 6. Out West
  7. 7. Signs
  8. 8. Cynical Soul
  9. 9. The Curtain
  10. 10. Please
  11. 11. You Leave Me
  12. 12. Thirst No More