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Soviet Funk Volume 2 (Vinyl + MP3)

Various Artists - Soviet Funk Volume 2 (Vinyl + MP3)

After Secret Stash Records struck a deal with Pavel Sysoyev to mine his catalog of recorded music, they quickly realized that the most difficult part was going to be narrowing down his massive collection into a few user friendly volumes of LP releases. With so much incredible music, this would be no easy task. While the first installment of this series served as a nice overview, volume two takes a closer look at the more jazz infused, technically impressive aspect of Sysoyev and company's work.

Pressed on red/black split color vinyl and includes a free download of the entire album.


  1. SIDE A
  2. 1. Pomogite - Prozhektërstvo
  3. 2. Pomogite - ubijcy v belyx xalatax
  4. 3. Pavel Sysoyev - Do nOvyh vstrEch

  5. SIDE B
  6. 1. Victor Chizhova & Borris Baykov - Tula
  7. 2. Izakson, Artamonov & Larin - Rpex
  8. 3. Izakson, Artamonov & Larin - Ne magU zhIt' bes tebyA
  9. 4. Pavel Sysoyev - zabludils'a
  10. 5. Yuri Spirin - Angel Moy