New Releases For September 23, 2016

Too Close To Touch
Haven’t Been Myself

Too Close To Touch - Haven’t Been Myself

On Nerve Endings, Too Close To Touch made their debut with a deeply melodic breed of post-hardcore shot through with soulful vocals. Now with their second full-length, Haven’t Been Myself, the band expands that sound with fiercer energy, harder-hitting arrangements, and even more potently charged material.

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"What I Wish I Could Forget"


  1. 1. Sympathy
  2. 2. Crooked Smile
  3. 3. What I Wish I Could Forget
  4. 4. Translate
  5. 5. Miss Your Face
  6. 6. The Art Of Eye Contact
  7. 7. Modern Love Affair
  8. 8. Inside Voices
  9. 9. What A Shame
  10. 10. For Your Sake
  11. 11. Eiley