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The Weeks
Gutter Gaunt Gangster

The Weeks - Gutter Gaunt Gangster

The Weeks are an indie rock band from Mississippi whose cathartic output of songs stems from the same root: their geography and disadvantaged youth. Perhaps best described as 'Delta Rats,' they have truth and soul in everything they do - and in the midst of their thrashing, thoughtful, manic pop thrills, they never lose sight of the songs.

Recently signed to the Kings Of Leon's Serpents & Snakes label, the Weeks released their first single, 'The House We Grew Up In' on July 3rd have now followed it up with the anticipated EP, Gutter Gaunt Gangster. A full-length album is scheduled for spring of 2013.

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  1. 1. The House That We Grew Up In
  2. 2. Stigmata
  3. 3. I've Broken All Your Windows
  4. 4. Slave To The South
  5. 5. Mountains Make Me Crazy
  6. 6. Harmony
  7. 7. Goodbye Winston Churchill
  8. 8. I'm Not Dead Yet

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 15
    Chattanooga, TN, US The Weeks at Songbirds South
  • Nov 16
    Lexington, KY, US The Weeks at Cosmic Charlie's
  • Dec 12
    East Nashville, TN, US The Weeks with Desert Noises and Sun Seeker at The Basement East
  • Dec 13
    East Nashville, TN, US The Weeks with Betcha and Keeps at The Basement East
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