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The Strange Familiar
The Day The Light Went Out

The Strange Familiar - The Day The Light Went Out

This collection of songs is more personal and goes deeper than anything we've written before. So much has happened to us in the past year while we were writing and recording this album. It's about the struggle of life - dealing with pain, loss, and despair.

There's no person in this world that will not be touched by suffering and pain in some way. It's a common thread that binds us together. We wanted to express how the darkest days can lead to something unexpected, can shape you - make you stronger, better and not to give up.

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"And I Wait"


  1. 1. Painkiller
  2. 2. Gone
  3. 3. Rain
  4. 4. Surrender
  5. 5. Except To You
  6. 6. Lies
  7. 7. And I Wait
  8. 8. The One
  9. 9. We All Fall Down
  10. 10. The Day The Light Went Out

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