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The Hellflowers
Come On Let’s Dance (EP)

The Hellflowers - Come On Let’s Dance (EP)

The Hellflowers’ debut EP, Come On Let’s Dance! was recorded and co-produced by Agent Orange’s Dave Klein and mastered by Jamison Weddle of StudioCat Productions.

"Come On Let's Dance opens with a beat that will get you tapping your’s hard not to think about the Go-Go's. The…[guitar] solo is a lot more fierce than anything you'll hear in a song by the Go-Go's. It's a…garage-guitar part in a power-pop song.” Gary Schwind, Orange County Music Examiner

“Lead singer/guitarist, Christina Lopez…can really sing…in somewhat similar tone to Deborah Harry. It’s a pleasure to hear this voice.” Donna Balancia,

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"Running Through The Fog"


  1. 1. Come On Let’s Dance!
  2. 2. Running Through The Fog
  3. 3. Johnnie, Jack And Jim
  4. 4. Fire In Your Eyes