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The Great Old Ones
EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy

The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy

French black metal phenoms The Great Old Ones return with their new album EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy. Steeped in nightmarish Lovecraftian lore, the band once again draw inspiration from the iconic writer to produce cold, gruesome pitch-black metal. Colossal tracks such as "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," "Mare Infinitum," "When The Stars Align" and more emanate tense, horrific atmospheres in a flurry of utterly extreme metal. Reinforced by macabre themes and morose subject matter, The Great Old Ones have made EOD... a truly grim journey and, in doing so, one of the year's most compelling black metal releases.

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"The Shadow Over Innsmouth"


  1. 1. Searching for R Olmstead (Introduction)
  2. 2. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  3. 3. When The Stars Align
  4. 4. The Ritual
  5. 5. Wanderings
  6. 6. In Screams And Flames
  7. 7. Mare Infinitum
  8. 8. My Love For The Stars (Cthulu Fhtagn)