New Releases For August 14, 2015

The Good Life
Everybody's Coming Down

The Good Life - Everybody's Coming Down

The Good Life has returned with their first album in eight years, Everybody’s Coming Down. Call it a soundtrack to man’s 21st century existential angst, the album poses cosmic queries, contemplates regrets, questions self-worth, and examines the possibility of living in the moment, when memories are all that we truly take with us. Everybody’s Coming Down moves in a new direction musically and in contrast to the Good Life’s earlier releases, is very much a rock record. Mixed by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Baroness, Angel Olsen, Cloud Nothings) at his Elmwood Recording in Dallas, TX.

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  1. 1. 7 In The Morning
  2. 2. Everybody
  3. 3. The Troubadour’s Green Room
  4. 4. Holy Shit
  5. 5. Flotsam Locked Into A Groove
  6. 6. Forever Coming Down
  7. 7. Happy Hour
  8. 8. Diving Bell
  9. 9. Skeleton Song
  10. 10. How Small We Are
  11. 11. Ad Nausea
  12. 12. Midnight

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 20
    Zürich, Switzerland Vertigo Trombone Quartet with The Good Life, Nils Wogram, Andreas Tschopp, and 2 more… at Moods
  • May 10
    Meschede, Germany The Good Life at Bürgerzentrum Alte Synagoge
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