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The Floacist
Presents Floetry Re:Birth

The Floacist - Presents Floetry Re:Birth

Floetry Re:Birth, the Floacist's second solo release, represents the ultimate refinement of the Floetry concept.

Written and produced entirely by the Floacist, this brilliant production displays the essence of the vision that Ms. Stewart formulated over a decade ago.

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  1. 1. Start Again
  2. 2. Children Of The Sun
  3. 3. Step Out
  4. 4. Slow Down
  5. 5. Soul
  6. 6. Say Yes (10 Year Anniversary Edition)
  7. 7. Could It Be You
  8. 8. Speechless
  9. 9. This Love
  10. 10. Roots Of Love

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