New Releases For February 15, 2011


The DNC - Unstoppable

Ugandan-born singer/rapper, Chobo, was free-stylin' with various DJs in the Norwegian club scene in 2005 when he met Joachim ('J Ryggs') Rygg, a popular local pop and hip-hop producer. After creating several tracks together, they laid the foundation for what was to become the Dual Nations Collective: The DNC.

The DNC's sophomore album, Unstoppable, with its upbeat lyrics, big hooks and infectious choruses naturally evolved into a club-friendly dance/pop sound on par with the major ground-breaking pop albums of today.

The timing of the new album has perfectly coincided with the cultural phenomenon Jersey Shore. The DNC, along with label Recurrent Records/Position Music, has partnered with MTV to launch the release of Unstoppable in conjunction with the 3rd season of Jersey Shore. The music video of the first single 'Electric' will be featured following two separate episodes, along with several songs being featured throughout the season of the show.

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"Electric (Featuring Ms. Amani)"


  1. 1. Electric (Featuring Ms. Amani)
  2. 2. STAR (Featuring Gigi)
  3. 3. On Top Of The World
  4. 4. Dance (The Way It Moves) (Featuring Gigi)
  5. 5. You're My World (Featuring Gigi)
  6. 6. Unstoppable (Featuring Yoni)
  7. 7. Here Comes Fire (Featuring Ms. Triniti)
  8. 8. Let's Get In It (Featuring Yoni)
  9. 9. Step On It
  10. 10. One More Round