New Releases For June 12, 2012

The dB's
Falling Off The Sky

The dB's - Falling Off The Sky

Falling Off the Sky is the first new dB's album in a quarter-century. It's been three decades since the original lineup of Peter Holsapple, Chris Stamey, Gene Holder, and Will Rigby recorded the beloved early-'80s classics Stands For deciBels and Repercussion.

The North Carolina-via-New York foursome's vintage releases are now widely revered as alt-pop landmarks. Falling Off the Sky embodies the same combination of infectious melodic craft, playful sonic experimentalism and barbed lyrical insight that established the dB's as key progenitors of the Southern indie-rock explosion of the '80s.

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"That Time Is Gone"


  1. 1. That Time Is Gone
  2. 2. Before We Were Born
  3. 3. The Wonder Of Love
  4. 4. Write Back
  5. 5. Far Away And Long Ago
  6. 6. Send Me Something Real
  7. 7. World To Cry
  8. 8. The Adventures Of Albatross And Doggerel
  9. 9. I Didn't Mean To Say That
  10. 10. Collide-oOo-Scope
  11. 11. She Won't Drive In The Rain Anymore
  12. 12. Remember (Falling Off The Sky)

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