New Releases For August 16, 2011

The Cool Kids
When Fish Ride Bicycles

The Cool Kids - When Fish Ride Bicycles

The Cool Kids' irresistible, hooky rhymes and club cramming beats seamlessly bridge the old and new schools of hip hop while assuring them a sure-fire path to world-wide attention. In their short amount of time as a duo the Cool Kids have been featured in Rolling Stone, XXL, The Source, SPIN, Paper Magazine, CBS News, The New Yorker, Fader, and on the cover of Urb. The long awaited debut full length is here.

The 14-track effort features collaborations with Travis Barker, Bun B, Ghostface Killah, Mayer Hawthorne Asher Roth, as well as production credit for Pharrell Williams on the track 'Summer Jam.' The physical release contains three bonus tracks that are only available at record stores and are not on the digital release.

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"Summer Jam"


  1. 1. Rush Hour Traffic
  2. 2. GMC
  3. 3. Freak City (Bonus Track)
  4. 4. Sour Apples
  5. 5. Bundle Up
  6. 6. Boomin' (Featuring Tennille)
  7. 7. Penny Hardaway (Featuring Ghostface)
  8. 8. Get Right
  9. 9. Gas Station (Featuring Bun B)
  10. 10. Flying Kites (Bonus Track)
  11. 11. Swimsuits (Featuring Mayer Hawthorne)
  12. 12. Roll Call
  13. 13. Talk Of The Town (Bonus Track)
  14. 14. Summer Jam