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The 25th Hour

Terror - The 25th Hour

With the release of their seventh album, The 25th Hour, Terror fly the hardcore flag high with focused integrity and demonstrate yet again why they are one of the most dependable and highly regarded bands playing today. After 13 years and six full-length releases, Terror have earned widespread respect and established the model for consistency, authenticity and intensity. Rougher and tougher than its predecessors, The 25th Hour is 14 tracks of punishing, no-filler hardcore, guaranteed to trigger pile-ons, stage dives and mosh pits at a venue near you. Terror will tour North America this summer and beyond in support of The 25th Hour.

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"The Solution"


  1. 1. The 25th Hour
  2. 2. No Time For Fools
  3. 3. Bad Signs
  4. 4. Feed The Rats
  5. 5. The Solution
  6. 6. Blinded By The Lights
  7. 7. Trust No Face (Featuring Ben Cook)
  8. 8. Why?
  9. 9. Mind At War
  10. 10. Snap
  11. 11. Sick And Tired
  12. 12. Life Goes On
  13. 13. Both Of You
  14. 14. Deep Rooted

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 01
    Paris, France Agnostic Front with Terror and Voodoo Glow Skulls at Petit Bain
  • Aug 03
    Lyon, France Sylak Open Air 2018
  • Aug 03
    Nantes, France Terror with Broken Teeth and Beyond the Styx at Le Ferrailleur
  • Aug 08
    Vienna, Austria Terror at Vienna Arena
  • Aug 12
    Hannover, Germany Terror with Risk It, The Harm, H20, and 1 more… at 60er Jahre Halle, Faust
  • Sep 02
    Calgary, AB, Canada Terror at Dickens
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