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Tear Out The Heart

Tear Out The Heart - Violence

St. Louis, MO melodic metalcore up-and-comers Tear Out Your Heart have been building a loyal following in America's heartland over the past several years and are now setting out to conquer the globe with the release of their debut full length album, Violence.

Tear Out Your Heart recorded Violence with Attack Attack vocalist/producer Caleb Shomo in the fall of last year. Combining sinister vocals with elements of hardcore and metal, Tear Out Your Heart pair malicious guitar riffs and monstrous, bouncing breakdowns alongside gigantic, sing-a-long choruses guaranteed to hook listeners instantly. Will captivate fans of A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, and As I Lay Dying.

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"Infamous Last Words"


  1. 1. Dead By Dawn
  2. 2. Infamous Last Words
  3. 3. Crucified
  4. 4. Undead Anthem (Featuring Caleb Shomo)
  5. 5. Violence
  6. 6. Coffin Eyes (Featuring Dan Marsala)
  7. 7. Feed Me A Stray Cat
  8. 8. Eternal Shadows
  9. 9. Closure
  10. 10. Only Posers Die
  11. 11. Darker Tides

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