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Son Volt - Union

Jay Farrar taps into folk music’s rich lyrical legacy. It’s a tradition he has tapped often both in Son Volt and in Uncle Tupelo. “I was raised on folk music,” observes Farrar. “Politics is a common thread there. In a time where we see threats to our way of life, and our democracy, from within, you say: What can I do? I put pen to paper and write music.” Initially, Farrar intended Union to be an explicitly political statement. “Midway through,” he says, “I realized I needed some balance on the record.” The result is a cluster of new songs that reflect on the power of love, time, and music to heal and sustain us.

TAGS: Americana | Rock

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"Devil May Care"


  1. 1. While Rome Burns
  2. 2. The 99
  3. 3. Devil May Care
  4. 4. Broadsides
  5. 5. Reality Winner
  6. 6. Union
  7. 7. The Reason
  8. 8. Lady Liberty
  9. 9. Holding Your Own
  10. 10. Truth To Power Blues
  11. 11. Rebel Girl
  12. 12. Slow Burn
  13. 13. The Symbol

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