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Son Volt
Notes Of Blue

Son Volt - Notes Of Blue

Led by the songwriting and vocals of Jay Farrar, Son Volt was one of the most instrumental and influential bands in launching the alt-country movement of the 1990s. A movement that was the precursor to what is now widely referred to as Americana. The 10 songs on Notes Of Blue are inspired by the spirit of the blues, but not the standard blues as most know it. The unique and haunting tunings of Mississippi Fred McDowell, Skip James and Nick Drake were all points of exploration for Farrar on this new collection of songs.

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"Back Against The Wall"


  1. 1. Promise The World
  2. 2. Back Against The Wall
  3. 3. Static
  4. 4. Cherokee St.
  5. 5. The Storm
  6. 6. Lost Souls
  7. 7. Midnight
  8. 8. Sinking Down
  9. 9. Cairo And Southern
  10. 10. Threads And Steel

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