New Releases For October 14, 2014

Set It Off

Set It Off - Duality

Set It Off displays a more refined pop sound on Duality, offering the perfect blend of bright sing-alongs, inspiring anthems, and sinister breakup ballads. Vocalist Cody Carson shines on the new album with his soaring croons and dynamic range, impeccably framed by standout guitar work, bold horns and driving rhythms.

With Duality, Set It Off has expanded upon their signature cinematic sound, creating their most memorable and cohesive work to date.


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"Why Worry"


  1. 1. The Haunting
  2. 2. N.M.E.
  3. 3. Forever Stuck In Our Youth
  4. 4. Why Worry
  5. 5. Ancient History
  6. 6. Bleak December
  7. 7. Duality
  8. 8. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Featuring William Beckett)
  9. 9. Tomorrow (Featuring Jason Lancaster)
  10. 10. Bad Guy
  11. 11. Miss Mysterious

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 20
    St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Set It Off at Zal Ozhidaniya club
  • Mar 21
    Moscow, Russian Federation Set It Off at Red
  • Mar 23
    Stockholm, Sweden Set It Off at Fryshuset
  • Mar 24
    Oslo, Norway Set It Off with Rockefeller, JOHN DEE, and Sentrum Scene at John Dee
  • Mar 25
    Copenhagen, Denmark Set It Off at Lille Sal , Pumpehuset
  • Mar 27
    Stuttgart, Germany Set It Off at Im Wizemann - Club
  • Mar 29
    Milan, Italy Set It Off at Legend Club
  • Mar 30
    Munich, Germany Set It Off at Feierwerk / Hansa 39
  • Apr 01
    Cologne, Germany Set It Off at B├╝rgerhaus Stollwerck
  • Apr 03
    Frankfurt, Germany Set It Off at Zoom
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