New Releases For January 24, 2012

Sean O'Connell
Free At First Light

Sean O'Connell - Free At First Light

The producer that has collaborated with Curren$y to create The Muscle Car Chronicles, the Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa, Ski Beatz, McKenzie Eddy, Da$h, And more, brings you his original album titled Free At First Light, with special appearances by McKenzie Eddy.

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"An Empire View (Featuring McKenzie Eddy)"


  1. 1. An Empire View (Featuring McKenzie Eddy)
  2. 2. Cornfields (Featuring McKenzie Eddy & Peter Hadar)
  3. 3. Our Curious Case
  4. 4. Frankie's Plan Revisited
  5. 5. White Flag Blues (Featuring McKenzie Eddy)
  6. 6. My Oldest Friend
  7. 7. Happily Haunted
  8. 8. 1851... (A Man I Turned To Be) (Featuring McKenzie Eddy)
  9. 9. Light Bulb Moon
  10. 10. Wild Compass