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Sean Jones Quartet
im•pro•vise never before seen

Sean Jones Quartet - im•pro•vise never before seen

Celebrating his 10th anniversary with Mack Avenue Records, internationally acclaimed composer/trumpeter Sean Jones views his 7th album, im•pro•vise never before seen, as 'a reintroduction of who I am.'

Although he has clearly established himself as a formidable leader through recordings and live performances, this album reflects his 'conscious decision to approach this latest step in my artistic evolution as a trumpet player, a composer and a leader.'

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"60th & Broadway"


  1. 1. 60th & Broadway
  2. 2. Dark Times
  3. 3. Interior Motive
  4. 4. The Morning After
  5. 5. I Don't Give A Damn Blues
  6. 6. Dr. Jekyll
  7. 7. How High The Moon
  8. 8. We'll Meet Under the Stars
  9. 9. New Journey
  10. 10. Don't Fall Off the L.E.J.
  11. 11. Not While I'm Around