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Rory Gallagher
Notes From San Francisco

Rory Gallagher - Notes From San Francisco

In 1977, Rory Gallagher entered a San Francisco studio and recorded a whole album's worth of material. The album was eventually shelved, as Rory explained to a journalist in the early 90's, because 'maybe eighty percent of the San Francisco album could come out in some form - remixed. The problem was, the mixing was getting complicated and some of the songs (just didn't sound right).' For the first time, the recordings from this session will see the light of day on the 2-CD package Notes From San Francisco.

The first disc features the results of this recording session. The version of 'Overnight Bag' that appears on here first appeared on the Rory Gallagher Crest of a Wave 2-CD compilation. The lineup for the studio sessions consists of Rory Gallagher (Guitars/ Vocals), Gerry McAvoy (bass), Lou Martin (piano / keyboards), Rod de'Ath (drums), Joe O'Donnell (violin on 'Mississippi Sheiks') and Martin Fiero (Saxophone on 'Rue The Day' and 'Brute Force & Ignorance').

Disc 2 consists of a massively energetic live concert recorded in December of 1979 at The Old Waldorf in San Francisco. The lineup for this show features Rory on guitar & vocals, Gerry McAvoy on bass and Ted McKenna on drums.

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"Rue The Day"


  1. DISC ONE:
  2. 1. Rue The Day
  3. 2. Persuasion
  4. 3. B Girl
  5. 4. Mississippi Sheiks
  6. 5. Wheels Within Wheels
  7. 6. Overnight Bag
  8. 7. Cruise On Out
  9. 8. Brute Force & Ignorance
  10. 9. Fuel To The Fire
  11. 10. Wheels Within Wheels (Alternative Version)
  12. 11. Cut A Dash
  13. 12. Out On The Tiles

  14. DISC TWO (Live):
  15. 1. Follow Me
  16. 2. Shinkicker
  17. 3. Off The Handle
  18. 4. Bought And Sold
  19. 5. I'm Leavin'
  20. 6. Tattoo'd Lady
  21. 7. Do You Read Me
  22. 8. Country Mile
  23. 9. Calling Card
  24. 10. Shadow Play
  25. 11. Bullfrog Blues
  26. 12. Sea Cruise

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