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Rod Melancon
Southern Gothic

Rod Melancon - Southern Gothic

On Southern Gothic, Rod Melancon has brought the sound and feeling of South Louisiana's storied towns filled with conflicted characters; his Americana songwriting filtered through a swamp-like, country blend that often borders on the parameters of psychedelic-rock. Born and bred in South Louisiana, Melancon has recorded a collection of songs that deliver the feel of haunted and hunted swampy, South Louisiana nights. Brian Whelan's production takes the purity of Rod's style, enhances and magnifies it.

TAGS: Americana

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  1. 1. With The Devil
  2. 2. Perry
  3. 3. Lights Of Carencro
  4. 4. Dwayne And Me
  5. 5. Promises
  6. 6. Redhead
  7. 7. Praying For Light
  8. 8. Mary Lou
  9. 9. Different Man
  10. 10. Outskirts Of You

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