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Richie Furay
Live From My Father's Place 8/31/76

Richie Furay - Live From My Father's Place 8/31/76

Here's a great live document from this member of Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and more. Furay says, "I remember the quaint little town of Roslyn, NY out on Long Island as being one of the hippest places to have on the concert tour itinerary back in the day (1976-1978). They always were connected to a local FM radio station WLIR and the shows were broadcast live which always added to the excitement of playing there. I had just put together a great live band that was able to play all of my music as if it was their own.”

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"Kind Woman"


  1. 1. Fallin' In Love
  2. 2. We'll See
  3. 3. I've Got A Reason
  4. 4. On The Line
  5. 5. Mighty Maker
  6. 6. Over And Over Again
  7. 7. Still Rolling Stones
  8. 8. You're The One I Love
  9. 9. Look At The Sun
  10. 10. Gettin' Through
  11. 11. Believe Me
  12. 12. Kind Woman