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Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk - Evolution

The first week of April sees Paul van Dyk - multi-award winning DJ/Producer and internationally renowned EDM envoy - plant his next album milestone.

The follow-up to In Between, Evolution has been 5 years in the waiting, 10 months in the making, and draws on two full decades of musical composition experience. It features collaborations with a full spectrum of producers, singers, and lyricists - EDM and otherwise.

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"Eternity (Featuring Adam Young)"


  1. 1. Symmetries (Featuring Austin Leeds)
  2. 2. The Ocean (Featuring Arty)
  3. 3. Eternity (Featuring Adam Young)
  4. 4. Verano (Featuring Austin Leeds)
  5. 5. I Don't Deserve You (Featuring Plumb)
  6. 6. The Sun After Heartbreak (Featuring Sue Mclaren & Arty)
  7. 7. Rock This
  8. 8. Dae Yor (Featuring Ummet Ozcan)
  9. 9. All The Way (Featuring Tyler Michaud & Fisher)
  10. 10. If You Want My Love (Featuring Caligola)
  11. 11. Lost In Berlin (Featuring Michelle Leonard)
  12. 12. Everywhere (Featuring Fieldwork)
  13. 13. A Wonderful Day (Featuring Giuseppe Ottaviani)
  14. 14. We Come Together (Featuring Sue Mclaren)
  15. 15. Heart Stops Beating (Featuring Sarah Howells)

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