New Releases For January 31, 2012

Patricia O'Callaghan
Matador: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

Patricia O'Callaghan - Matador: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

Acclaimed cabaret singer Patricia O'Callaghan releases Matador: The Songs of Leonard Cohen, featuring some of the great songwriter and poet's most famous songs, such as 'Hallelujah' and 'Dance Me To The End Of Love,' as well as some lesser known songs but equally engaging songs.

Called 'the most promising cabaret performer of her generation' by Billboard Magazine, Patricia O'Callaghan brings the sensual theatricality of her live performances home with this new release.

Patricia writes: 'The Matador was a 24-hour dance tavern in Toronto, opened in 1964 and only recently closed. Cohen wrote the song 'Closing Time' about it. Leonard Cohen himself is also like a matador. He's someone who's willing to go to the edge and stare death in the face. He is a 'killer' of lies, illusions, and, let's face it, ladies.'


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"Everybody Knows"


  1. 1. The Gypsy's Wife
  2. 2. The Window
  3. 3. Dance Me To The End Of Love
  4. 4. Who By Fire?
  5. 5. Alexandra Leaving
  6. 6. Everybody Knows
  7. 7. Suzanne
  8. 8. If It Be Your Will
  9. 9. Anthem
  10. 10. The Smokey Life
  11. 11. Joan Of Arc
  12. 12. I'm Your Man
  13. 13. Hallelujah