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Mr. Scruff
Friendly Bacteria

Mr. Scruff - Friendly Bacteria

Mr. Scruff's, aka Andy Carthy, new record is the most complete exploration of where his music is at right now. You can still count upon a shedload of gritty funk and soul but the new record displays a stripped back musicality, a depth that maybe hasn't been there before.

In Carthy's own words its 'tougher, sparser, less samples, more bass. More vocals and collaborations and shorter tunes.' If this record proves anything, it's that there's much more to the work of Andy Carthy than dance floor grooves and funny cartoons.

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"Render Me (Featuring Denis Jones)"


  1. 1. Stereo Breath (Featuring Denis Jones)
  2. 2. Render Me (Featuring Denis Jones)
  3. 3. Deliverance
  4. 4. Thought To The Meaning (Featuring Denis Jones)
  5. 5. Friendly Bacteria
  6. 6. Come Find Me (Featuring Venessa Freeman)
  7. 7. Where Am I?
  8. 8. He Don't (Featuring Robert Owens)
  9. 9. What
  10. 10. We Are Coming
  11. 11. Catch Sound (Featuring Denis Jones)
  12. 12. Feel Free

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 16
    Clitheroe, UK Beat-Herder 2020
  • Aug 28
    London, UK Maiden Voyage Festival 2021
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