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Mike Bloomfield
Live At McCabe's Guitar Workshop 1/1/77

Mike Bloomfield - Live At McCabe's Guitar Workshop 1/1/77

A master guitarist, arranger and writer, Mike Bloomfield was inspired by the power and originality of such bluesmen as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Lightnin' Hopkins. He became highly proficient as a blues guitarist, and also became one of the most in-demand session musicians in the country. In the mid-1960's Mike Joined the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, one of the most successful blues groups of the sixties. Until his death, Bloomfield continued to record both on his own and with other major artists. This album includes both original and covers of classic rock and blues material.

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"Walkin' The Floor"


  1. 1. Women Lovin' Each Other
  2. 2. Don't You Lie To Me
  3. 3. Cherry Red
  4. 4. Hully Gully
  5. 5. Wings Of An Angel (Prisoner's Song)
  6. 6. Walkin' The Floor
  7. 7. Junko Partner
  8. 8. Knockin' Myself Out
  9. 9. RX For The Blues
  10. 10. You Must Have Jesus