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Mia & Jonah
Spin As One

Mia & Jonah - Spin As One

An expansive journey through the hallowed halls of Americana, folk, country and rock. Renown as a mesmerizing indie folk duo that seamlessly produce “songs of singular beauty, played and sung without pretense” (San Francisco Chronicle), Spin As One reflects on family life - overcoming struggles through love and care of one other - as well as their wishes of soulful self-discovery and a collective coming-together for our world to find its way back home. Amidst a beguiling mix of vocals, Mia adds hypnotic texture with the bending sounds of a hand saw while Jonah weaves flourishes of guitar, harmonica, dobro, mandolin, and cello.

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"Spin As One"


  1. 1. Our Old Farm
  2. 2. Spin As One
  3. 3. Sugarbones
  4. 4. Nightingale
  5. 5. Season Of Opening
  6. 6. Daybreak

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 27
    South Pasadena, CA, US Anna Vogelzang and Mia and Jonah with Brad Colerick at Jazz at the Blue Guitar @ Arroyo Seco Golf Course
  • Apr 09
    Los Angeles, CA, US Mia and Jonah at The Tuning Fork
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