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An Attitude For Gratitude

Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - An Attitude For Gratitude

An Attitude for Gratitude features compositions by Wilson ('Bubbles,' 'No Outerwear,' and 'Stolen Time') as well as his by his band mates Gary Versace ('Poster Boy') and Martin Wind ('Cruise Blues'). The recording also features interpretations of 'You Bet' by John Scofield (Wilson's friend and collaborator), 'Teen Town' by Jaco Pastorius, Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and 'Little Boy with the Sad Eyes' by Nat Adderly.

'[An Attitude for Gratitude's] excellence is partly due to the players - bassist Martin Wind, gorgeous-sounding trumpeter Terrell Stafford and the droll pianist and organist Gary Versace. The other reason the album's so good is Wilson's knack for writing spry tunes, and for picking ones by other composers that inspire his players... [they] all get on Matt Wilson's slightly warped wavelength.' - NPR Fresh Air

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"No Outerwear"


  1. 1. Poster Boy
  2. 2. Happy Days Are Here Again
  3. 3. Little Boy With The Sad Eyes
  4. 4. You Bet
  5. 5. Bubbles
  6. 6. Cruise Blues
  7. 7. No Outerwear
  8. 8. Teen Town
  9. 9. There's No You
  10. 10. Stolen Time
  11. 11. Bridge Over Troubled Water