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Lumen Drones
Lumen Drones

Lumen Drones - Lumen Drones

Lumen Drones is a fascinating and powerful collaboration between Hardanger fiddle master Nils *Oslash*kland and Per Stainar Lie and *Oslash*rjan Haaland, respectively guitarist and drummer with the Norwegian 'post-rock' group the Low Frequency In Stereo. The participants describe their project as a psychedelic drone band, but its stylistic reach is broad and evocative and will trigger many musical associations.


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"Ira Furore"


  1. 1. Dark Sea
  2. 2. Ira Furore
  3. 3. Anemone
  4. 4. Echo Plexus
  5. 5. Lux dedicated To Alf Lie
  6. 6. Husky
  7. 7. Keelwater
  8. 8. Svartaskj*aelig*r